6 Easy Steps To Do Korean Puppy Eye Make Up

There’s something magical about a puppy’s eyes that makes them worthy of our attention and affection. And the way Korean women have captured this trait in their eye make-up regime is truly commendable as besides making one’s eyes look oh-so-adorable the technique makes one’s eyes appear larger and rounder and the softness it lends to one’s whole face is incomparable. As opposed to the popular Cat Eye, Puppy Eye Look focuses on making the eyes look a little droopy and is much easier to achieve than the Cat Eye. So all you girls out there, take a moment to go through the undermentioned guide to recreate the innocent-of-them-all puppy eye look.

Here Are Some Ways To Do Korean Puppy Eye Make Up In 6 Easy Steps

1. Prep Your Face

Start by ensuring that your face is perfectly clean and well moisturized. Massage the moisturizer well into your skin using circular motions. Wait for a minute.

Prep Your Face

2. Conceal

Work on areas that need coverage like under eye circles and blemishes, if any using a complexion corrector. Make sure that the corrector blends well with your natural skin tone. Apply a thin coat of foundation all over your face and neck.


3. Eye Shadow

Swipe a coat of light colored eye shadow starting from the inner corner of your upper eyelid and extend it towards the centre of the eyelid. Give another swipe of a dark colored shadow at the remaining outer end of the eyelid.

Eye Shadow

4. Lining The Upper Lid

Starting from the inner corner of the upper lash line, draw a neat line with an eyeliner up till the outer end of the lash line. From this point extend the line a few millimeters in downward direction following the natural slope of the eye. Reapply the liner starting from the middle of the lash line towards the outer end to add more depth to the prelined area.

Lining The Upper Lid

5. Lining The Lower Lid

Line the lower lash from the centre of lower lash line till it meets the end point of the line extending from the upper eyelid. Fill in the area between the drawn line and the natural lash line.

Lining The Lower Lid

6. Finish With Mascara

Apply a single coat of mascara on both upper and lower lashes. Repeat the process on the other eye and finish the look with a coat of tinted lip gloss.

Finish With Mascara

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