6 Easy Methods To Avoid White Hair In Youngsters

Having white hair at a young age can be quite embarrassing in public. Nowadays due to stress, pollution, depression and other causes like genetic issues can give teenagers white hair. This can damage the personality of youngsters and they are able to incur inferiority complex. Don’t worry as premature greying of hair has become a common issue nowadays. Many simple ways can be tried to solve this issue. It is not recommended to opt for special oils and gels available in market for this problem as they might be loaded with chemicals. They can cause side effects in the future.

Here Is A List Of 6 Easy Methods To Avoid White Hair In Youngsters

1. Vitamin B12

Some people might experience greying of hair at an early age due to vitamin deficiency. This vitamin contains the ability to protect the hair against whitening. Plus, it can retain a healthy scalp as well. You can have Vitamin B12 supplements on a daily basis after consulting a physician. Or better consume foods rich in this vitamin like plums, cheese, oranges, avocados and cranberry. It can help in increasing hair thickness and hair growth. The new hair can cover up and outdo the white hair present [1].

vitamin b12

2. Henna

Henna is a natural item which is used for hair whitening for a long time. This is a home remedy which has been suggested by our grandmothers since the ancient days. This herb acts as a natural healer for our scalp and at the same time darkens our hair if used for an extended duration. Another advantage of henna is its ability to heal scalp problems like dandruff and dry scalp skin issues. Use it at least once or twice a week for beneficial results. It protects as well as heals the emergence of white hair.


3. Gooseberry Conditioner

This conditioner can be simply made at home. Take a few gooseberry and some black walnuts. Grind them into a fine paste. Then add natural oils as per your choice. You can add coconut oil, almond oil or any other natural hair oil. Use this conditioner as hair pack twice a week. The conditioners found at shops are full of chemicals only. However, this kind of homemade conditioner is pure, natural and safe from chemicals and side effects.

Gooseberry Conditioner

4. Yoga

As stress factor is one of the solid reasons for white hair, you can go for yoga and meditation exercises to calm down your mind. These kinds of exercises can relax your soul and body by restoring the chemical balance in your brain to normal levels. Less stress can prohibit the spread of white hair.

meditation exercises

5. Biotin Rich Hair Products

Increase the usage of biotin rich items since biotin can retain the black hue of our hair. Many cosmetics and hair products with biotin content are available which can be used habitually for best results. Foodstuffs are also there which contain biotin like almonds and oats. Include these food items in your everyday meals to avoid greying of hair at an early age.

Biotin Rich Hair Products

6. Regular Oiling

Most of the teenagers nowadays hate to apply oil on their scalp. They are more into the modern era where they prefer hair gels and creams. However, oiling is the best idea for both grey hair as well as dandruff. Regular oiling can keep the scalp moist and hydrated. You can opt for olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil or even nutritious herbal oil for hair. Natural hair oil can strengthen the hair follicles as well as mends hair damage.


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