6 Easy Makeup Tricks To Look More Awake

Are you under heavy work pressure? Are you sleeping late at night and waking up early in the morning and not taking proper rest? Well, if all these points are right and no one will keep you away from dark circle and sleepy, dull eyes. But you would never want to look ugly, unpleasant, tired and exhausted all the day right? Then try to get good sleep, drink plenty of water and eat healthy to look fresh and gorgeous. But what if you have to attend a party after a hectic day? Don’t panic and act smartly.

Here Are 6 Easy Makeup Tricks To Look More Awake

1. Curl Your Lashes

Let’s start with an eyelash curler. Before putting mascara on your eyelashes, curl your lashes in upward direction. With this simple trick, your eyes will look bigger and bright open. Grasp the curler at an angle of 45 degrees, lift your eyelashes by the root, and use a hair dryer to heat it for long-lasting and perfect lashes Increase the effect of sealing the curl with your favourite mascara.

Curl Your Lashes

2. Use A Concealer

This one is the quickest method to cover up your dark circle under the eye. Covering the darker area under which is clearly visible under your eyes is a must. It is not necessary that you have to apply the concealer directly beneath. There is an alternative way of putting it by making a triangular shape. This will help your eyes look more awake and attractive. You must pick a good concealer for your skin

Use A Concealer

3. Build Up Your Brows

Fully and slightly curved eyebrows can make the eyelids look elevated, and will help in drawing the attention away from under eye dark circles and puffiness. Use feathery and short stroke to draw your eyebrows with the pencil and brush out and up. So do try this trick to look more awake.

Build Up Your Brows

4. Apply Blush

You can also wear blush on the cheekbones that would enhance the beauty of your face and would help you to look more attractive and brighter. Choose a rose coloured blush with a shade of sparkling gold to neutralize the darkness near your eye. Do not go for shades which are too orange, as your face will look tired and dull if you apply dark colour.

Apply Blush

5. Tricks To Line Your Eyes

If you apply black kohl or eyeliner on top and bottom equally, then your eyes would look smaller in size. But you want, your eyes look bigger and prominent right? Then follow these simple tricks. Always use dark colors like black or dark brown for your upper lid. Dark color accentuates your eyes. Choose light brown for your lower lid and nude eyeliner for the water line. You can also use Beige color as it looks very natural and does a great job in reducing the redness in the eyes. The combination of all these three colors will further widen your eyes and make them look even more beautiful. So it’s very important here to note that, sticking to either of the lids will result in making your eyes look smaller.

Tricks To Line Your Eyes

6. Even Out Your Skin tone

An absolute, dew-covered foundation can do the wander and help you look gorgeously awake. A good branded foundation can make your skin glowing and at the same time will help you in vanishing your dark circles. It will change your complexion instantly. However it’s quite light, but it evens out discoloration and redness near your eyes and makes you look stunning and refreshed. All these easy and magical tricks can help you to become the centre of attraction whenever and wherever you want.

Even Out Your Skin tone

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