6 Different Ways To Take Care Your Feet This Monsoon

Taking care of your feet is the most important element for your beauty as well as health. As far as you concern about monsoon, keeping your feet clean is most essential factor. During this season, the chances are very high to have bacterial infection or fungal depending on overall immunity of a specific person. With the help of some monsoon body care tips, you can also get perfect solution for redness, itching and smelly feet. People who are having diabetes must have to take additional care for their feet as they have higher risk of fungal infections. Diabetic patient must have to follow few important diabetic feet care tips. Make sure to give enough time to your feet to even breathe in fresh air. Ensure to keep your feel dry during monsoon in order to avoid fungal infections.

Check Out Some Essential Monsoon Body Care Tips To Have Healthy Feet

1. Clean Your Feet

In order to keep your feet healthy and strong, firstly you must have to keep them clean as well as fungus free. Make sure to dip your feet in lukewarm water with 1 cup of dettol or savlon after your feet get wet in the rain. You must have to dip your feet about 10 minutes and after that make sure to wash your feel using an antibacterial soap. At last, dry your feet using the towel. During the monsoon season, make sure to keep your nails clean and short in order to avoid fungal infections.

Clean Your Feet

2. Exfoliate

Washing or rubbing your feet on the regular basis while taking bath is one of the most useful monsoon feet care tips. You just need to soak your feet in plain or lukewarm water in order to get best results. Make sure to exfoliate your skin in order to deeply clean the pores of your skin to make it revitalized. You can also mix up complete mixture of salts, herbs, moisturizers or any other ingredients into lukewarm water for healthier feet. Make sure to dip for at least 10 minutes in order to improve overall quality of your feet. This is the best process to use even for dryness or cracks. After that, you can use any foot scrub in order to massage your feet for better results.


3. Select Perfect Footwear

During this pleasing monsoon season, you must have to make sure not to wear canvas type shoes or high heeled sandals that are closed. Rather than select flip flops or slippers from plenty of new & unique designs as well as vibrant colours. Also these slippers or flip flops may add additional style statement to your entire footwear collection. By chance if water enters to your footwear, then it easily vanishes and gets out from its opening which helps you to keep your footwear clean.

Select Perfect Footwear

4. Use Appropriate Talcum Powder

Once you dry your feet using the towel, make sure to use talcum powder and leave them free in air for a while by resting it on bed, sofa or stool. Usage of talcum powder may help to easily absorb left moisture in order to keep your feet dry. After that if you are going out them wear your socks; but if you still have trouble of smelly feet, then use powder with powdered camphor on your feet and then wear shoes or socks.


5. Don’t Wear Wet Socks

Wearing wet socks can be the major reason for usual fungal infections which can be seen throughout this monsoon season; so that make sure to avoid it in any case. You also must have to dry your feet each & every time you remove wet socks in order to have healthier feet.

Don’t Wear Wet Socks

6. Use Moisturizer

Firstly, wash your feet and dry it using towel. After that you must have to apply your favourite moisturizer on all cracked areas. If you are going out, then apply light moisturizer, leave it for 10 minutes and then apply talcum powder in order to keep your feet dry for entire day. Instead of using moisturizer every day, you can also use almond oil as well as olive oil and massage on your feet to keep it even healthier. Ensure not to apply moisturizer between toes while wearing socks.


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