6 Common Mascara Mistakes You Should Avoid

Common Mascara Mistakes

Apart from making you look beautiful mascara also helps in making you look awake. Isn’t this a blessing especially on a long boring day at work!!It is also one of trickiest makeup to use. There are also some people who love to use eye makeup but do not know how to use it. For the benefit of such woman her we talk about not how to use mascara but what are the most common mistakes one does while applying mascara. This will tell you what not to do as that is more important for proper application of mascara.

Here Are The 6 Common Mascara Mistakes You Should Avoid:

Expiry Date

The first and foremost thing is not to use the same mascara for more than 6 months. Even if you haven’t used it a lot once it is 6 months since you opened it immediately discard it. Due to the mascara being moist, it becomes easy for the bacteria to breed and when kept and used for a long time it may lead to eye infections.

Expiry Date

Applying Multiple Coats

People apply multiple coats thinking it would make their eye lashes look thick and nice. But, sometimes this looks odd as well. One or two coats are more than sufficient. Also, make sure that the second coat is applied only after the first coat is completely dry.

Applying multiple coats

Not Applying On The Lower Lashes

Not many people are aware that mascara has to be applied on the lower lashes as well the upper lashes. This makes the eyes look nice and bright. But, remember that it should first be applied on the lower lashes and then on the upper lashes.

Not applying on the lower lashes

Frequent Pumping Of Wand

Some people do this. They keep pumping the and in and out very frequently. This is the reason why the mascara bottle gets dried up fast. The wand should be swirled inside the bottle itself and then taken out.

Frequent pumping of wand

Eye Lash Comb

Very few people are aware that they have to use the eye lash comb to make it clump free. Usually people assume that the mascara wand is enough to make the lashes clump free. Not just that, eye lash comb can also be used to remove excess mascara after it is applied.

Eye lash comb

Using Curler

Eye lash curler should never be used after the mascara is applied. This makes them look very unnatural. If needed, the curler can be used prior to applying mascara. Frequent use of curler also results in them falling off.

Using curler

Not Applying It The Right Way

Applying mascara is definitely an art and not all are good at it. The correct way to apply it is by starting at the root of the lashes and drawing towards the tip. The excess mascara on the wand needs to be wiped off before applying it or else the lashes would be clumpy. Proper length and volume should be obtained.

Not applying it the right way

Water Proof Mascara

Water proof mascara cannot be removed easily. It takes a long time to remove it. If water proof mascara is used on a daily basis than it is sure that a lot of pressure is applied in removing it. Eye being a sensitive part can get hurt easily.  So, avoid using water proof mascara on a daily basis.

Water proof mascara

Now that you know what not to do while applying mascara we hope you will follow them and make your eyes look beautiful.

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