6 Clever Tips To Try Your Old Casual Dresses Kept In Your Closet

Every body has different type of casuals in their wardrobe. Some times they does not figure out how to try the same casual dresses as it gets monotonous for them. So, they do not use them and pile them up in a corner of their cabinet. Sometimes people unnecessarily buy some dresses which actually increase the volume of the dresses in the wardrobe. Moreover the dresses are so costly and favorite of them, it is not possible to throw them away. Is it not a nice idea to stylize your same old dresses to a new one?

Here Are 6 Clever Tips To Try Your Old Casual Dresses Kept In Your Closet

1. Look Fabulous With Your Tops

Do you want to know how to use the tops in such a way that you look gorgeous? So, first thing when you buy any kind of top for you, do not repeat it. Make a collection of tops in your closet so that you can try them in different places. They should be different in color, in cut and also made with different fabric so that you can try them in different seasons also. Prefer light colored tops to wear in day time and the dark one in the night.

Look Fabulous With Your Tops

2. Useful Tips To Try Old Jeans

It is the most common suggestion for you as all of us are paired the tops with jeans as it is the favorite casual dress of us. But be a little careful when wearing a top with your jeans. Make a collection of jeans; not a big one. Just keep one pair of some basic colored jeans such as sky blue, black, white and navy blue. Now try a dark colored top with a light colored jeans i.e with white or sky blue jeans. And for the light colored tops try a pair of jeans which has a dark color.

Useful Tips To Try Old Jeans

3. Style Up With Palazzo

Why you are not teaming your crop tops with your Palazzo? Palazzo are one of the greatest casual outfits that you can try in especially in summer season. Team up your favorite crop tops with a vibrant printed Palazzo. It may be floral print or be some geometric prints or it may be some other eye catching printed Palazzo which will make your looks stunning. If you have beautiful arms then you may go for a sleeveless top with the palazzo.

Style Up With Palazzo

4. Try Your Skirts In A Stylish Way

You may have skirts in your wardrobe also which you have not worn for long time. Now it is a high time to try them. Try your long skirts with your favorite tops. Try some colorful printed or geometric patterned skirt which can break the monotony of your dress. Try your old mini skirts with halter neck top which will give you a gorgeous looks. Wear this outfit for any hangouts or brunch with your favorite pair of wedges.

Try Your Skirts In A Stylish Way

5. Go For The Hot Pants

Do you have any plan to travel in beach area? Then you must carry your solid colored spaghetti top with you. Team up your favorite hot pants with a funky pair of flip flops. A bright solid colored spaghetti or sleeveless top with a pair of hot pant gives you a sexy looks.

Go For The Hot Pants

6. Stylize Your Jegging

Jeggings are also a great casual outfit and you must have one pair of your old jeggings in the corner of your closet. If it is a printed skin fitted jeggings then you may team it up with a lacy funky top. This printed leggings break the monotony of your outfit and keeps you fashionable. Wear it with your favorite pair of stiletto with it for a perfect hangout dress.

Stylize Your Jegging

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