6 Braided Hairstyles To Make You Look Like A Traditional Indian Woman

Braided Hairstyles

Indian weddings are those big fat weddings where tradition is given the importance more than anything else! And usually if we talk about the Indian tradition, brides prefer to keep their hair tied up either in buns or braids to be in the flow with the tradition and trend too. A bun becomes a lot more casual and brad are the new emerging trend, so here are some traditional braided Indian hairstyles that the brides can experiment with during the big day or some side functions like sangeet or mehendi to look beautiful and gorgeous.

Here Are The 6 Braided Hairstyles To Make You Look Like A Traditional Indian Woman:

1. Thick Braid With Side Swept Bangs!

A simple braid looks the best when you want to look traditional and stylish at the same time. Tie a nice neat braid falling on one shoulder and put some nice diamond or pearl hair accessories or brooches to add beauty to the braid. And at times braids make you look all typical, so add a bit of glamour with side swept bangs nicely pinned up. This will definitely add some style to the look.

Thick braid with side swept bangs

2. The Typical Indian Bride!

Brides usually follow this hairstyle because this hairstyle screams tradition and helps the bride flaunt her long and gorgeous tresses too! A nice neat middle partition and a perfect braid looks very flattering especially for the ritual functions. Add a maang tikka and some fresh flower strings or pearl strings to the braid to make it look prettier.

The typical Indian bride

3. French Brad With Loose Curls!

If you feel that the usual braid looks super simple and you don’t really want to go for a simple hairstyle, then go for a French braid. French aid definitely looks better than the usual braid if done neatly and makes the hairstyle even better and voluminous. Curl the front hair with the tong machine and let the curls be hanging loose, and braid the rest of your hair. So you will end up will a voluminous look around your face too.

French brad with loose curls

4. A Twisty Braided Up-do!

A simple bun at the back of the head might take away all the volume from the forehead and make the front hair look thin and limp. Hence middle partition your hair, take 2 braids from each side which will include the frontal hair starting from the very forehead, pin them behind neatly and then tie a twisty bun. For the bun, curl you back hair, roll up each layer of hair strands upwards near the back of the head, and pin them. And your twisty braided hair up-do is totally ready. Add accessories according to your need!

A twisty braided up-do

5. Braided Hair Band With A Bun!

A braided hair band made up of our own hair adds a lot of volume in the front and doesn’t make the hair look limp. Take some strands from near one ear, tie a braid, take it over the head to the other side ear and pin it. The behind hair can be tied into a nice bun, twisty curls or even second simple braid. And add a few small hair accessories near the front braid so that it gets emphasis.

Braided hair band with a bun

6. Princess Braid With A Low Hair-knot!

A low hair knot creates a very messy yet an elegant look. Low knot precisely cannot be chosen for the wedding day but looks great when you have your mehendi or some side functions like haldi or sangeet. When hair is neatly tied into a long braid, it usually reduces the volume and make the hair look thin. So if you have thin hair, tie a low knot to create the voluminous look. Leave the flicks open hanging loose, take one braid from one side or you can take two from both the sides too. And then tie a loose low knot!

Princess braid with a low hair-knot

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