6 Bold Lip Colours You Should Add To Your Vanity This Summer

Bold Lip Colours

Summer is the season of brightness and colour! We all get so cheered us as summer comes and a dash of colour comes into our life. Summer gets a lot of changes in the fashion with a lot of quirky prints and vibrant colours and that includes our make-up too. Adding some fun colours to your make-up can instantly brighten up your skin-tone and make you look super fresh if when you are not! So here are some bold and vibrant lip colours which you can enjoy the entire summer!

Here Are The 6 Bold Lip Colours You Should Add To Your Vanity This Summer:

1. Look Classy With Vibrant Orange Lips!

Orange is the sexist colour for summer to try. It grabs a lot of eyeballs and makes you look super trendy. It is so bold that once you get used to this colour, you yourself start getting confidence. This colour is similar to the orange ice popsicles that we love having during summers, so put a dash of Popsicle orange on your lips and stun the outfits with bright bubbly colour.

Look classy with vibrant orange lips

2. Add A Pop Of Pink!

Bright pink lips look super girly and cute. It is a very versatile colour and the most used during summers. It looks romantic, girly, sexy and sweet at the same time. Pink naturally makes the skin tone appear more on the pinkish tone. It is a fun colour to use especially when you are all into floral clothing this summer. There are so many pink shades available and I think each might have one for their liking.

Add a pop of pink

3. Look Cute In Coral!

Coral lips are the best option to go with if you are bored with pink lips and cannot handle bold orange lips. They look really cute and make the skin look very glowing. Coral colours are very much in trend especially during the summer. Corals can also be substituted faded oranges in-case you want a little bolder look.

Look cute in coral

4. Paint Your Lips Velvet Red!

Velvet red shades look super classy especially during the night time. It gives a very sexy and a sophisticated look and makes your pout look really glamorous. In-case you don’t dare to wear bold blood reds, there are reddish maroons for you! A matte pop of red totally transforms the look and makes a woman feel bold and confident. Pinks and oranges look great during the day time but we need something to look stunning during summer nights too, and nothing could be better than red lips!

Paint your lips velvet red

5. Bored Of Pinks? Try Bright Magentas.

Pinks are used too much everywhere in our make-up routines and at some point we do get bored of pink. Among the bright summery colours is magenta which is not paid much attention? Magenta colour lies somewhere between purple and pink and this blend looks really amazing during summer time. Imagine a floral dress with vibrant magenta lips, wouldn’t it look cuter? This is a new colour to try this summer if you love pinks and purples.

bright magentas

6. Rock The Bold Look Pumpkin Orange Lips!

Pumpkin orange is a difficult shade to handle but if you can, no one can stop you from looking sexy! Pumpkin orange is a little different from usual orange shade as it contains yellow undertones which make it look this bright. This shade is suitable only for fair to medium skin tone. But it looks really different from what the usual crowd wears! So let your lips shine bright like the sun in pumpkin orange.

pumpkin orange lips

Adding some bright lip colours to your collection will definitely add value to your vanity. Bright colours totally transform a dull look into a bubbly cheerful look and summer is all about freshness and brightness so go ahead and fill your vanity with some bold shades this summer!

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