6 Best Toners For Colored Hair

Best Toners For Colored Hair

A wrong hair colour can destroy the appearance of your hair and make you feel embarrassed. A bad hair dye can sometime change the colour of your hair to make it look not less than a disaster. If you have suffered from a similar issue then a hair toner can prove to be an effective solution to your problem. A hair toner is a product that works as a filler to even out the pores in your hairs. Not only your existing hairs but the colour of new hairs also becomes soft. You will notice a seamless transition of colour in your hair from root to tip. Hair toner serves as a topcoat that makes your hair look rich, lustrous and thick. They seal the colour of your hair for long lasting look. In this article we will provide you seven best toners for coloured hair.

Here Are The 6 Best Toners For Colored Hair:

Hair Care by Schwarzkopf:

Schwarzkopf presents hair toner that helps in restoring natural blonde tones and infuses new life in your hair. This is an amazing toner that brightens and revives your naturally grey, sun-bleached or white hair.

Hair Care by Schwarzkopf

White Lady by Wella Color:

This is a permanent hair toner which is available in liquid form. This toner gives vibrant look to your hair and lasts long. This hair toner adds intense colour to your hair and infuses them with brightening colour molecules. So your tresses look more shiny and lustrous.

White Lady by Wella Color

Ammonia Free Toner by Blond Brilliance:

This hair toner is free from ammonia and is very gentle on your hair. Application of this toner conditions your hair and makes them soft and smooth. You can apply this toner in the amounts you wish the intensity of your hair colour – subtle or vibrant.

Ammonia Free Toner by Blond Brilliance

White Semi Permanent Toner by La Riche Directions:

This is a semi-permanent toner that would give you good results for four to eight washes. You need not add peroxide while applying it on your hair. This toner has a good staying power and works well on various types of your hair. Available in thirty four vibrant shades this wonderful helps you get the most desirable colour effortlessly. It not just tones your colour but also conditions them.

White Semi Permanent Toner by La Riche Directions

Hair Colour Restore Toner by Scott Cornwall:

Scott Cornwall presents hair toner that is made to add shine and depth to your brunette coloured hair. This hair toner has no peroxide or ammonia in it. Made with conditioning pigments application of this hair toner prevent the hair dye from getting fade. You don’t require special skills to apply this toner. Its application is similar to a shampoo.

Hair Colour Restore Toner by Scott Cornwall

Hair Toner by Manic Panic:

This is the most popular hair toner in the market. Manic Panic presents a wide range of toners that gives a transition from dark hair colour to light shades and vice versa easily. This product is a dye with toners combination that enriches your hair colour without allowing it to fade. Hair toner by Second Nature.

Hair Toner by Manic Panic

This hair toner is best suited to correct the colour of hair that has become uneven after dyeing. This hair toner is also great for blending your grey hairs. You will get this hair toner in nineteen brilliant shades that when mixed together gives you mind blowing colours. Also this hair toner is completely free from ammonia. So which toner did you like? Go and get a toner for vibrant, even and long lasting colour of your hair.

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