6 Best Steps To Have Simple Braid And Bun Hairstyle In 2 Minutes

6 Best Steps To Have Simple Braid And Bun Hairstyle In 2 Minutes

While doing your makeup and styling your hair, you always found yourself in a hurry situation or short on time which resulted in your incomplete makeup and unusual hair-styling. In fact, a well groomed personality is demanded everywhere whether it is an official premises or any other private place.

Women and girls usually face too much difficulty in managing time for styling their hairs especially when they prefer braid and bun hairstyle as they thinks that such hairstyles consumes too much time. But this contradiction is wrong because braid and bun hairstyle comes under the category of simple hairstyles which can be achieved in 2 minutes, if it is done properly. Following are the steps to attain 2 minutes Princess braid and bun hairstyles with the use of bobby pins, elastic and a hairbrush perfectly.

Following Steps To Have Simple Braid And Bun Hairstyle In 2 Minutes:


First of all, you’ll need to brush your hair with the use of a hair brush. This must be done for removing all the knots and tangles present on your hair comfortably.



The next step to styling your hair is to part them in the middle followed by braiding the hair in the front session. Now, secure your hair by making use of a small hair elastic and then braiding it from other side too.



After braiding your hair, you must gather all the braided hair together along with the braided sections followed by twisting them together and then again securing it using an elastic band. If you have any loose strands while having such hairstyle then tuck it away using bobby pin so as to accomplish such hairstyle. You can prefer this hairstyle for attending different functions including causal day or official function. This hairstyle is also perfect for a pool party, wedding party and many other functions too. You can also add a feminine touch to such hairstyle


Interesting Ways To Accessorize Princess Braid And Bun Hairstyle:

Use Flowers:

If you want to make your simple looking braid and bun hairstyle somehow interesting and attractive in look then keeping a big flower on the side will bring a nice attention to everyone here. you can also wear a single flower in your hair so as to attain a gorgeous look.

Use Flowers

Use Lace Head Bands:

Using lace head bands on simple looking braid and bun hairstyle delivers a feminine and glamorous touch to overall beauty of its owner.

Use Lace Head Bands

Use Jeweled Bow:

Jeweled bow is a funny accessory which you can wear to attend special themed events and retro parties. Wearing jeweled bow adds a classy touch to a personality of its owner.

Use Jeweled Bow

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