6 Best Pilates Ball Exercises to Stay Fit

Pilates Ball Exercises to Stay Fit

Exercising alone with machines or free hands is not always fun. There are times you tend to skip workouts or exercise because of boredom. So, to make your exercise routine interesting and enjoyable, why not introduce the pilates ball. We are sure doing your regular exercises with the ball would be more exciting and motivating. To help you start with it and improve fitness, we have summed a few basic exercises below. Have a look to learn how to do those with the ball.

Best Pilates Ball Exercises To Stay Fit:

1. Squats:

Squats are a basic full-body exercise that strengthens muscles in all parts of the body. To perform squats with a pilates ball, position the ball in between the wall and your lower back. Push your back onto the ball and lower your body to squat position and return to the original position. Make sure your feet and knees are pointed forward as you get into squat position.


2. Push Ups:

Pushups are strength training, full-body exercise that help you get fitter and transforms your body into solid attractive mass. Doing pushups with pilates ball is fun. Start normally by lying on your tummy on the floor and position your shin and ankle over the ball. Once you are positioned comfortably, start with the pushups as you do it regularly.

Push Ups

3. Ball Roll Outs:

To improve flexibility and release muscle tension, stretching is such a good exercise. Initially, a full body stretch could be challenging but with a ball and regular practice, your exercise routine would be incomplete without this stretching. Again, it is wonderful for the abs. Kneel down on the floor with the ball in front of you. Place your arms on the ball and push your body to roll forward on the wall. Try to get into a plank position. Hold the position for a second and roll back to original position.

 Ball Roll Outs

4. Crunches:

Crunches are a core training exercise that improves balance, strength and tones abs greatly. First sit on the ball and move your feet forward such that your thighs, shoulders and neck are parallel to the ground. Position your hands behind your head and push your upper body forward until you reach a 45-degree angle engaging your abs. Return to original position and repeat the movement several times.


5. Passing The Ball:

This is a fun-filled exercise a bit different from your regular strength building ones, but equally effective in toning the muscles of the whole body and improving flexibility as well as strength. Lie down supine on the floor and with arms extended over your head. Hold the ball in your hands and raise your feet to bring the legs straight up and perpendicular to the ground. Simultaneously, lift your arms holding the ball such that it is straight above your chest. Transfer the ball from your arms to legs and get back to supine position so that the ball is now held between the feet. Try to return the ball to your arms by repeating the movement once again. Repeat the same several times.

 Passing The Ball

6. Oblique Ball Twist:

Lie down on your back. Stretch your arms on either side in the ‘T’ shape with palms facing down. Place the ball in-between your feet and slowly rise both your legs towards the ceiling with your knees slightly bent. Squeezing the ball gently and move towards your right side by lowering the legs to the ground. Move only as far as you can. Go back to the original position and repeat it on the left side. Alternate the sides for about a minute.

Oblique Ball Twist

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