6 Best Makeup Colors For Blue Green Eyes

For Blue Green Eyes

Eyes give the real reflection of a beauty and needs great care in terms of its makeup because eyes can easily impress anyone if they’re attractive and charming.  However, it is a very challenging task for them to choose the best eye shadow shades for their eyes especially when you possess blue green eyes. If you too owns blue green eyes and is in confusion about the right eye color shade then keep your worries aside now as her you will get information about the 6 best makeup colors for blue green eyes which will definitely add extra depth to your look and will make you a centerpiece everywhere.

6 Best Makeup Colors For Blue Green Eyes

1. Va Va Voom Violet Shade

For the girls having blue green eyes, the violet color eye shades looks very stunning. The Va Va voom violet eye shadow produces a romantic effect on eyes with a deep shade of purple color and can pop up the eyes without loud makeup. However, it is always advised to apply the eye shadow till your eyelid only so that the smoky effect of your eyes can last for longer time.

Va Va Voom Violet Shade

2. Pretty Pink Shade

If you want to give subtle look to your eyes then the pink eye shadow will be the best choice for you that always deliver a flawless and refined look to blue green eyes. You can add more glamorous touch to your eyes swiping a bit of maybelline color tattoo across your eye sockets as such makeup adds extra brightness to your color eyes.

Pretty Pink Shade

3. Blue Hues Shades

For the blue green eyes, the blue hues eye shades emerges to be a magical combination which gives the utmost smoky and wild look to the eyes thereby accentuating the full features of eyes. You must keep your facial makeup somehow light while applying the blue hues on your eyes as the oceanic blue hues will make your appearance more charming with light makeup.

Blue Hues Shades

4. Bordeaux Shade

The bold Bordeaux shade is a first choice of young generation girls nowadays because of its darker shade. This eye shade for blue green eyes creative an attractive glistening effect on eyes which looks very stylish on prom like celebrating events. Bordeaux tone gives a darker effect than brown shade but somehow lighter than black thereby giving a soft a classic look to your smoky eyes.

Bordeaux Shade

5. Crispy Brown Shade

For blue green eyes, the crispy brown eye shades gives a lustrous effect on eyes as well as on facial skin. The brown color eye shade comes under the category of bold shade and is mainly designed for celebrating parties and prom occasions.  You can attain more glamorous and edgy look with this brown color eye shadow by using it on combination with minimal makeup and a dark red or strawberry color lipstick. This versatile eye shadow makes the face very stylish when it is preferred with black dresses and prom party wears.

Crispy Brown Shade

6. Daring Berry Eye Shade

Daring berry eye shade is a perfect eye color shade for blue green eyes to attain a high voltage look. This eye shadow enhances the red undertone of your eyes with a smoky black contour. You must apply and smudge this color eye shade around your eyes followed by wiggling two coats of mascara so as to attain very beautiful look. The berry eye shade suits well to blue green as well as brownie eyes comfortably.

Daring Berry Eye Shade

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