6 Best Loreal Skin Care Products Available In The Market

 Loreal Skin Care Products

Women love their skin, they want to look beautiful always and for this they use many things on the face, there are creams, toners, scrubs, face washes and many more to make your skin glossy and soft, as the we are getting older there are fine lines, dark eye circles and other things, for this we need a skin care kit. Loreal is the most trusted brand of the world and it has many kits that are good on the skin, these skin kits have the solution of all the skin related problems. Here is list of some of the skin care products of the Loreal in the market.

1. Loreal Age Perfect Night Cream:

Loreal age perfect night cream, that is basically moisturizing cream, that works like a wonder when you apply it in night while sleeping. This cream comes with its unique formula, as it contains natural oil that helps in moisturizing as well as nourishing your skin from deeply. This night cream comes in white color jar with nice gold color cap and has a nice perfumed fragrance. This cream is ideal for women, who have a dry skin texture that makes your skin soft, supple, tighten and rejuvenated your facial skin cells.

Loreal Age Perfect Night Cream

2. Loreal Hydra Fresh Instant Freshness Toning Water:

Loreal hydra fresh toner is basically a pure spa water, that is loaded with lots of minerals and goodness of hydra claryl, that helps in purifying your skin from deep, strengthen and stimulate your skin cell, This toner comes in semi translucent bottle with green color tight rotating cap and the fragrance of this toner is so refreshing, that makes your skin feel fresh. This hydrating toner suits almost all type of skin people and there are no harsh chemicals present in it. The unique water in this toner maintain pH balance, tighten pores and clean all dirt or impurities present in your skin.

Loreal Hydra Fresh Instant Freshness Toning Water

3. Loreal Men Expert Vita Lift Anti Ageing Moisturizer:

Loreal men expert vita lift moisturizer is anti ageing moisturizer that is formulated especially for men. This face is developed for man by using advanced technologies, as it contains powerful soothing natural ingredients in it, that helps in reducing wrinkles with in a week of its usage, signs of fatigue and premature ageing on skin. This cream comes with combination of non greasy, pro retinol and par elastyl formula, that moisturizes as well as penetrates deeply by skin with out being oily. This cream comes in gray color metallic pump bottle with transparent cap, consistency of this moisturizer is semi thick and pleasant fragrance.

 Loreal Men Expert Vita Lift Anti Ageing Moisturizer

4. Loreal Youth Code Dark Spot Facial Serum Corrector:

Loreal Youth Code Dark Spot Facial Corrector is a non sticky serum, that helps in lighting the pimple marks, reducing the appearance of age or dark spots and protects your skin from sun damage. This serum comes in glossy grey color luxurious metallic bottle with white pump cap attached to it. This serum is made with rich hydrating formula, that helps in reducing pigmentation, discoloration, dark spots and uneven tone on skin. This serum is designed for all people with a different skin type, that helps in gaining nice skin texture and give a nice glow to your skin due to presence of water and glycerin.

Loreal Youth Code Dark Spot Facial Serum Corrector

5. Loreal Sublime Sun Advanced Sunscreen Spf 50 Sunscreen:

Loreal sublime sun advanced sunscreen is water proof sunscreen with SPF 50+, that protects your skin from UVA and UVB harmful rays by leaving smooth and soft non greasy skin. This sunscreen is oil free that feels quite lightweight also it does not have very dry kind of matt finish on skin and works for all skin types by leaving satin finish on skin. This sunscreen comes in grey color bottle along with white cap and it has runny consistency

Loreal Sublime Sun Advanced Sunscreen Spf 50 Sunscreen

6. Loreal Paris Revitalift Lazer X3 Renew Anti Ageing Cream:

Loreal revitallift eye cream is an anti aging cream, that comes in red color tube with metallic applicator, which feels really cool and soothing in the eye area, for best result keep this cream in refrigerator, so that its metallic tip gets really cool, so when you apply this eye cream, its helps in reducing the swelling, puffiness and wrinkle around your eyes. Another great thing about this cream is that, it contains caffeine, which is very effective in reducing the puffiness in the eye areas. This eye cream contains hyaluronic acid that helps in reducing the fine lines, re-firms or brighten the eye skin area and give nice cooling effect. The cream comes with a light weight also has a runny consistency that hydrate your eye skin area very well without ruin your make up.

 Loreal Paris Revitalift Lazer X3 Renew Anti Ageing Cream

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