6 Best Jovees Face Packs To Try Out

Jovees is a famous Indian herbal product which was introduced in the year 2004. Various beauty packs are produced by this company like hair care, skin care and cosmetic items. One of the widely used products of Jovees is face packs. It is proven to give beneficial results and improvements among the customers. You can use this daringly on a regular basis as they lack harmful chemicals and are completely safe. Since the materials used in Jovees are organic and nutritional without any artificial stuff, it can give a natural glow.

Here Are 6 Best Jovees Face Packs To Try Out

1. Jovees Pearl Whitening Face Pack

The main ingredients used in this facial can nourish your skin by penetrating into the second layer of your skin. This can make your skin smooth and silky. The pearl series of Jovees are produced by using Nano technology. Prolonged usage can make your skin bright and healthy. The addition of almond oil and jojoba oil can further soften your skin. Use this face pack at least twice a week to get better results.

Jovees Pearl Whitening Face Pack

2. Jovees 24 Carat Gold Face Pack

This face pack is quite different from others. The gel is orange in color and smells like orange too. Jovees Gold Face Pack can rejuvenate our skin by generating new cells. It can also delay skin ageing symptoms and can increase the flexibility of our skin. Apply a layer of this face pack twice a week and obtain a healthy-looking flawless skin. Your face will shine as gold if you use it continuously for at least 2-3 months.

Jovees 24 Carat Gold Face Pack

3. Jovees Skin Rejuvenating Fruit Facial Pack

This fruit facial pack can transform dull and gloomy skin into radiant ones. However, there is a minor problem in this pack as it can make your skin extra dry. People with dry and chapped skin are not recommended to use this face mask. It contains a combination of nutritious items like apricot, apple and peach. Plus, it contains vegetal extracts which can further enhance the softness of our skin.

Jovees Skin Rejuvenating Fruit Facial Pack

4. Jovees Tea Tress Anti-Acne, Antiseptic Face Pack

Tea tree extracts and clove in this face mask can fight against micro-organisms that can cause acne related problems. Other than that, it also contains turmeric, long pepper and Multani Mitti which are powerful agents in eliminating pimples. This face pack is suggested especially for oily skin since it can control the oil secretion on the surface of our skin. It gives a chilling and pleasant sensation once applied on face.

Jovees Tea Tress Anti-Acne, Antiseptic Face Pack

5. Jovees Youth Face Pack

Youth face mask from Jovees can retain your young look by preventing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and furrows. It rejuvenates our skin by promoting new cell growth and also helps in tightening the skin. This can help in avoiding sagging of our skin. Use Jovees Youth Face Pack and obtain a firm, steady and youthful look.

Jovees Youth Face Pack

6. Jovees Shea Butter Face Pack

The chief components of this face pack are Shea butter, papaya enzymes and mulberry. It has other precious herbals too. The plus point of using this face mask is its hydrating quality. It can keep the skin supple and hydrate for long hours after application. Rub this facial on your face and allow it to dry which can take up to 10-15 min. Then wash off with water. Use this face mask at least 2-3 times per week for optimal results.

Jovees Shea Butter Face Pack

Try any of the face masks above from Jovees that suits your preference and obtain a radiant unblemished skin.

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