6 Best Hair Care Options To Tackle Oily Hair

Oily hair is a mess when it comes to styling! Styling is not easy on oily hair as it sticks to the head and give disastrous attempts, as it does not holds up any style in proper manner. There are many products and easy remedies available to manage your oily hair and have a perfect normal look. Through these products/remedies only the scalp remains oil, rest of the hair has a natural appearance. Moreover, there is a problem in selecting the exact product that suits your oily hair. As in market there are varieties of products available for dry, straight, curly and damaged hair; it is difficult to find one for oily hair. But everything is not yet finished, there are few products for oily hair too that provides a long-lasting normal hair effect.

Below Are The List Of Options That Will Help You To Manage Your Oily Hair

1. Opt For A Correct Shampoo

The very first step in managing your hair is to find a correct shampoo. Shampoo is used to treat the oil secreted within the scalp without damaging the outer part i.e. your hair. It is advised to use clear shampoo rather than any creamy one. So, you can go for ‘Pantene Pro V Nature Fusion Shampoo’, which is prepared with natural ingredients that help in strengthening your hair from top to bottom. Wash your hair once in a week and get a balanced effect of oil & dryness on your hair.


2. Dry Hair Powder

Dry hair powder when applied to the head, the scalp releases almost a half-teaspoon of oil in 24 hours. For tackling this most difficult task, keep your dry hair powder always with you; so that you manage hair anytime anywhere. Texturize your hair with powder spray and get voluminous hair in few seconds. You can thoroughly apply the powder onto the hair and get amazing richness & texture!

Dry Hair Powder

3. Conditioner For Tips Of Hair

It is not at all advisable to avoid conditioning to oily hair. Just be careful while using conditioner to apply the conditioner only to the tips of the hair and not on the scalp and wash it thoroughly so that the conditioner is completely washed out. You can use a vegan product to fight oiliness in your hair. ‘Desert Essence Lemon Tea Tree Conditioner’ is best for managing oily hair. This conditioner dissolves oil and giving your hair a non-greasy look.


4. Dry Hair Shampoo

As we know that oily hair needs daily washing. Try using ‘Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk’ for your hair and you will surely get best results. This dry shampoo when applied transforms into liquid which is light in weight and increases volume of dryness into hair. The oat milk formula is suitable for most sensitive scalps. Selecting the best dry-shampoo not only soaks oil, but leaves behind clean water-free hair with fresh smell. The dry hair shampoo also contains such styling ingredients which make your hair thick and gives proper texture.

Dry Hair Shampoo

5. Use Hair Serum

Before purchasing any hair serum, select the one which compliment your hair! Hair serum is a best solution to your hair shine without tangling it. Serum protects your hair from getting damaged when exposed to direct sun-light. It seals and repairs split ends while giving long-lasting smoothness. Using hair serum daily for oily hair is the best idea as it reduces frizz and offers moisture to your hair. You can use ‘L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Lustrous Oil Serum’ which add silicon for superior smoothness and manageability. Moreover, serum helps and protects your hair from dust & pollution in the air. Fresh growth stimulating serum offers light, watery cooling result on scalp.

Use Hair Serum

6. Use Less Styling Products

Take complete care of your hair buy making minimum use of styling products. Styling products hardens your hair quality and make it too dry and removes texture. If you wish using so, opt for light products that provides light finishing result. Don’t use gel, creams, wax or oil; they will make your hair heavy and sticky. Styling products from ‘TREsemme’ are best to select. Hairspray & styling products from great brands gives you the result you want.

Use Less Styling Products

Give life to your lifeless hair and feel the best out of you! These ideas can help you to make your hair stronger, healthier, and look natural. Plenty of different formulas are available in the market, but, it is highly suggested to opt for the best no matter what’s the cost! Hair is such a part of body that dignifies the appearance of a person. So, taking better care is more advisable. Encourage your hair by giving it complete potion and care to make it bouncy and natural!

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