6 Best Beyonce Tattoos That A Woman Can Try

Beyonce Tattoos That A Woman Can Try

The art of decorating body with tattoos is becoming very popular and must have fashion statement for women. Inspiration of tattoo designs can come from various sources. There are almost hundreds of designs available in the market. Some interesting designs include tattoos that follow famous celebrities from the world of music, movie, sports etc. Beyonce Knowles is one of such celebrities.

It is needless to say who Beyonce is. Beyonce Giselle Knowles- Carter is a singer, songwriter and actress who is hugely popular worldwide. Not only for her singing talents but Beyonce is also popular for her keen sense of fashion. This great fashion sense of her has developed over her well shaped curvaceous body. Both singing and fashion style has made her a true modern icon for her fans. Beyonce had  some  tattoos on her body on temporary basis. But several designs of tattoos that follow her can be found in the market.

Here Are 6 Best Such Beyonce Tattoos That A Woman Can Try On Her Body:

1. Wedding Ring Tattoo On Beyonce’s Finger

At the time of her wedding Beyonce did a wedding ring tattoo on her ring finger. It is hugely popular to her fans.

Wedding ring tattoo on Beyonce's finger

2. Metallic Tattoos On Beyonce’s Body

Last year when the singer went to France to spend holiday with her husband and daughter several temporary metallic ornamental tattoo designs were seen on places like leg, arm and collar bone in her body.

Metallic Tattoos On Beyonce's Body

3. Beyonce Signature Tattoo Design

Fans who like her like to have her signature tattoo specially on arm.

Beyonce Signature Tattoo Design

4. Beyonce Singing Tattoo Designs

Beyonce singing on stage is a very attractive tattoo design that is found in the market. The singer in her singing attire is seen singing with the microphone in hand pose in the tattoo. Because of the vertical nature of the image the suitable place for the tattoo is arm

Beyonce Singing Tattoo Designs

5. Beyonce Singing Tattoo Designs

The beautiful singer has a very attractive face. There are a few designs of her face tattoo available in the market which show her half face with three dimensional depth from the side or profile. The other designs involve full Beyonce face from front. It is a two dimensional tattoo with no depth. Arm is the place where these are normally done.

6. Beyonce Smiling Face Tattoo Designs

With a beautiful face the singer has beautiful smile too. That is why a half face tattoo of Beyonce smiling from a bit side with three dimensional depth can be found in the tattoo market. Again arm is the best place for this kind of tattoo.

Beyonce Smiling Face Tattoo Designs

So you are a fan of Beyonce. Want to have a tattoo of her on your body. You can choose from the list given here.

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