6 Benefits Of Castor Oil For Eyebrow Hair Growth

Castor Oil For Eyebrow Hair Growth

Castor oil has different kinds of medicinal properties. One of the rarely known one is that it can help in regrowth of hair. A lot of people are actually surprised on hearing this but castor oil is one of the most effectual remedies for promoting eyebrow hair growth. Of corse, it also works equally well on the hair and scalp, but can be used on the eyebrows to promote hair growth. Loss of hair here can be the result of over plucking or too much shaping of the brows.

How To Apply

The application process of castor oil is very easy. You will also not require a huge amount of oil to rub. Take two drops and rub them round your fingers. Then spread out evenly on both the brows using your hands. Alternatively you can also use cotton for application of the same. Pure castor oil versions are easily available in the market.

How To Apply

Here Are Some Of The Benefits Of Castor Oil For Eyebrow Hair Growth:

1. Rich In Ricinoleic Acid

Castor oil is loaded with ricinoleic acid which makes it a very crucial agent for fighting different kind of bacteria along with fungus too. In fact, it has been proven that it chemically keeps a lot of problems at bay like dandruff in the eyebrows. Research shows that often fungus or bacteria stop to the growth of hair on the eyebrow area.

2. Thicker Than Regular Oils

Being thick, the oil sticks around on the eyebrow for a longer time, compared to other oils that drip off faster. Thanks to the thickness, it gets coated around the brows well without really much fuss. In fact, you can simply apply it in a dash using an ear bud or even your fingers.

Thicker Than Regular Oils

3. High On Omega 9 Fatty Acids

You are probably familiar with the goodness of the omega 3 fatty acids, castor oil on the other hand is rich in Omega 9 fatty acids. This helps in nourishing not only the hair follicles but also the root of the hair. In turn, it nourishes the entire skin around the eyebrows, thus promoting growth.

4. Goes Deep Into Skin

It also has the potential to go deep within the layers of the skin and hence help in improving hair growth and promoting thicker eyebrows. It provides enough food to the follicles to grow from within and produce hair.

Goes Deep Into Skin

5. Adds Gloss

Thicker eyebrows are not something that you can attain without ensuring that they shine in all their glory. The castor oil provides this much needed shine and gloss to the eyebrows. It helps the skin in this area to get nourishment, which in turn also provides nourishment to the eyebrow hair. If you already have thick eyebrows and want to avoid making them too thick, then rub a bit on the edges alone for shine and gloss.

Adds Gloss

6. Adds Natural Colour

It has been seen that individuals who have coloured hair tend to also colour their eyebrows. But what they forget it is that while the hair is being provided a lot of moisture and care, the eyebrows are not. As a result, they tend to thin out. What you should do here is apply thick castor oil on the area. Not only will it provide a natural colour to the eyebrows, without fading your existing colour, it also provides a natural sheen. As a result, the eyebrow colour tends to match that of your hair instead of looking completely black.

Adds Natural Colour

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