6 Awesome Nineties Inspired Hair Accessories You Should Try

If you were born in the late 80’s or early 90’s, you would remember the kind of style statement that worked then. There were these iconic hair accessories that girls would wear. We all remember them, don’t we? It is time we relive those days and get back the 90’s look. They looked trendy and so different! Today we have something for you which will bring back memories in your head. We have listed the 6 Awesome Nineties Inspired Hair Accessories You should try! They are fun and stylish – you should totally set the same 90’s trend again. Take a look!

Here Are The 6 Awesome Nineties Inspired Hair Accessories You Should Try:

1. Circle Headband

This was quite a hit back in those days. However if we see today, this could actually make life lot easier because it puts away all the hair that comes on your face. A working woman or a young teenager can wear this to have an easier life without too much hair falling on the face. It looks so doll like!


2. Scrunchies

The scrunchies are so 90’s! How about trying them again in the new century? It sure will not look off. We think it looks so stylish. You can wear a scrunchie on your hair to your school or even university. People will notice you – in a good way. You do not have to feel too shy wearing a scrunchie. You are just bringing back the trend to life.


3. Banana Clip

The banana clip could hold your hair in such a stylish way. Some girls just do not like to tie their hair with a rubber band because it pulls their hair. The banana clip is feminine and just so easy to put your hair in place. We suggest you to go for banana clips that are bling. It should have embellishments on them. It looks really good for office wear as well. You should go for it!


4. Headband Handkerchief

The headband handkerchief which was also called the bandana was so much in trend back then. We see women still wearing such headbands especially models who are doing photo shoots. You can also see travel freaks wearing a headband handkerchief. It looks very bohemian! You should totally go for this look. Go for a printed bandana or anything in solid color.


5. Snap Barrettes

You still get snap barrettes! The snap barrettes are great accessories to actually get the hair out of your face. Just snap the barrettes and get the hair falling on your face out of the way. You get snap barrettes in shimmery colors and embellishments on them. They were such a hit back then in the 90’s. Also, you can fix a puff on your hair with snap barrettes.


6. Leather Hair Tie

Leather hair tie makes life much easier! It is so easy to use. You can just tie your hair easily with it. You can make the leather hair tie at home seeing YouTube videos. You can also get the leather hair ties online. It looks really good. It pulls your hair back in a feminine way and looks great too. It is so nineties!

Leather Hair Tie

It got back many memories, right? You probably started thinking of the old series of Full House and movies like Home Alone. You should totally try these fun hair accessories again. We love the way it looks and it just gets us so nostalgic. Get back the 90’s trend!

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