6 Amazing Anti-Aging Foods You Should Eat For Breakfast

Anti-Aging Foods

How would you choose to kick off a day? With loads of youthful energy and positive vibe? Or aches and wrinkles? Of course all sane people would go for the previous one.

Aging is a natural process and nothing in this world can beat it but the good news is that of you can delay it by making certain changes in your daily routine and the first step to that would be having some natural anti-aging foods in the breakfast which are also packed with vitamins and minerals. Breakfast is indeed an important meal of the day and hence it has an immense effect on your overall well being including the aging process. So if you are keen to know what those foods are, just keep reading.

Here Are The 6 Anti Aging Foods For Breakfast:

Green Tea:

As green tea is a store house of anti-oxidants like EGCG and other compounds like polyphenols and catechins, they work great to keep signs of aging as fine lines and wrinkles at bay. Anti-oxidants banish the free radicals and toxins in our body which often accelerate aging. Apart from that regular ingestion of green tea especially in breakfast keeps blood sugar level in check and reduces the risk of cancer.

Green Tea


One of the potent natural anti-aging foods to help you to restore your youth is Blueberries. Highly rich in polyphenols as well as vitamins and fiber etc. this fruit works great if you staple it in your breakfast. Apart from delaying the aging process blueberries also boosts the motor skills and combat serious health issues like cancer or diabetes.



Oatmeal is an excellent food to staple in breakfast as it serves your body in multiple ways. It’s a great source of anti-oxidants so it sways down the aging process and fights fine lines and wrinkles. On the other hand, it is loaded with soluble fiber that keeps cholesterol level in check.

Oatmeal (3)


Eggs are rich in good fats like monounsaturated and polyunsaturated and at the same time low in saturated fat. Good fats are beneficial for your body and it works as anti-aging agents to lower down aging process. Apart from that egg also contains protein, vitamins and other skin nutrients which prevent pre mature aging.

Eggs (2)

Pomegranate Juice:

Staple a glass of Pomegranate juice to your breakfast for a younger looking body and skin as well. It is on e of the best natural foods in this category. Pomegranate juice helps to lower down the natural oxidation of DNA and thus sways aging. It also releases stress and reduces heart diseases.

Pomegranate Juice


Flax seeds preserve a number of anti-aging compounds like omega-3 fatty acids, lignans, polyphenols etc. which prevents cell damages, fine line and wrinkles and also helps to lower down cholesterol level and risk of insulin resistance etc. Flaxseeds are easy to intake and go well with most foods like cereals, oats, eggs or even spreading over some juices.


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