5 Wonderful Tomato Face Packs For Glowing Skin

Many women across the world prefer to apply various kinds of face packs to look attractive. But some facial packs and products are harmful and they might not suit your face. The skin of the face is very delicate and sensitive and it must be given utmost care. Applying different kinds of facial products might give harmful results. Therefore, here we are going to discuss about the natural face pack made up of tomato. There are many face packs that can be made with the help of tomatoes. The tomatoes which are red in color give your face charm and glow. Tomatoes are rich in astringent properties which are highly essential for cleaning the pores of the skin. Moreover, the antioxidants which are present in tomatoes make your skin to look young.

Here Are 5 Wonderful Tomato Face Packs For Glowing Skin

1. Tomato With Butter Milk

The reddishness in tomato makes your skin glow. Properties of this face pack increases as you add butter milk to this preparation. Butter milk has astringent properties that help for skin tightening and removing age spots on the skin.

Tomato With Butter Milk


2 spoons Tomato juice
3 spoons Butter milk

Preparation Method And Application:

Take a bowl. Add butter milk with tomato juice in the bowl. Mix it well. Apply this mixture gently on your face. Wait for half an hour. After that, wash your face with cold water. As you do this regularly, you can observe instant glow of your skin. Regular usage of this mixture over your face gives you amazing results.

2. Tomato With Honey

Honey is loaded with lot of cosmetic properties. Honey moisturizes your skin. Honey works well for in getting you rid of acne. When you combine honey with tomato it gives you amazing results. Tomato and honey face pack application helps in making your face radiant and softer. Regular usage of this face pack assures you incredible results.

Tomato With Honey


3 spoons Tomato Juice
1 spoon Honey

Preparation Method And Application:

Add honey with tomato juice in a container. Mix this solution well. Now, apply this mixture on your face. Let your face pack dry for some time. Now, wash your face using warm water. This face pack works effectively in bringing instant glow.

3. Tomato With Gram Flour

Gram flour when applied to your face works well in making your skin beautiful and glowing. When gram flour is mixed with tomato, beauty of your skin enhances. Honey too works well in not only hydrating your skin but also giving very much glow. Sour Curd works as a fantastic cleanser.

 Tomato With Gram Flour


2 spoons Tomato Juice
½ spoon Honey
2 spoons Gram Flour
1 spoon Sour Curd

Preparation Method And Application:

Mix honey, gram flour and sour curd in tomato juice in a bowl. Mix this mixture thoroughly. Apply this on your face and wait for 20 minutes. Meanwhile, the pack on your face gets dried. Now wash your face with cold water. You can observe the results.

4. Tomato With Oatmeal

Oatmeal highly aids in giving you wonderful skin. Mint paste softens your skin. Cucumber has many beauty properties which are highly beneficial for your glowing skin.

Tomato With Oatmeal


2 spoons Crushed tomato (take out the seeds from tomato initially and make it a paste)
2 spoon Oatmeal powder
1 spoon mint leaves paste
3 spoons Crushed Cucumber

Preparation Method And Application:

Mix all these ingredients well in a bowl. Make it a fine paste. Apply this mixture on your face and wait for some time. Wait until the pack on your face gets dried. Use tepid water to wash your face. Frequent application of this face pack gives you amazing results.

5. Tomato With Lemon Juice

Tomato and lemon consist of taste which is sour. When skin is exposed to direct sun light your skin gets damaged and loses its glow. So, combination of tomato and lemon juice work wonder in lightening your skin tone.

Tomato With Lemon Juice


1 spoon Tomato juice
1 spoon Lemon juice

Preparation Method And Application:

Taka a container. Add lemon juice to tomato juice in the container. Mix it well. Apply this mixture on your face. Let this face pack sit on your face for at least fifteen minutes. This face pack can be removed through just rubbing also. You can also use cold water to eliminate this face pack. This face pack gives you glowing skin.

All these face packs help you to make your skin shinier. Hope this article is helpful and informative.

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