5 Winter Bridal Makeup Tips You Should Always Keep In Mind

5 Winter Bridal Makeup Tips You Should Always Keep In Mind

Bridal make-up always needs to be special as every woman wants look best on her D Day. Though winter represents lots of vibrant colors to add to your wedding make up mantra but alongside the harsh winter wind causes havoc to your skin. It wards off the natural moisture from your skin and leaves face your dry out and lips chapped. So putting on right make up challenging the winter woes is not easy. But that doesn’t mean you should stop trying to look gorgeous.

There are some effective make up tips for winter wedding that not only prevent the pale or drained look of winter but also can make you look ravishing and gorgeous. Read on to know more.

Here Are The 5 Winter Bridal Makeup Tips You Should Always Keep In Mind :

Skin Preparation:

Winter tends to give you dry, flaky and dull skin and obviously no one would like to put on a lovely make up on such condition. To prepare a smooth base for make-up start moisturizing regularly and also exfoliate your skin on regular intervals some days prior to wedding day to ward off dirt, oil, dead cells from your skin surface.

Exfoliate your face

Right Base Make Up:

As winter tends to make your skin dry out, flaky and dull, hence one need to be tricky while choosing a base make up. Go for a hydrating primer it will ward off dryness and prepare smooth base for foundation. Again you should ditch your regular foundation in winter and go for a silicon based powder foundation. Keep off using liquid foundations in winter.

Right Base Make Up


Choose A Right Blush:

Avoid red or pink shades go for rosy shades. To get a perfect finish mix the shade well with the skin and swirl little amount of translucent powder to prevent dryness. You can also opt for natural blush colors but keep off using cream blush in winter.

Choose A Right Blush

Bridal Eye Make Up:

Choose eyeliner in gel or liquid form but make sure your make up products need to be water-proof as wedding also contain some crying and sobbing before the departure of bride and groom together. You can define your eyes with winged shaped by extending the upper lash-line but keep the lower line slick. Dusky beauties can try brown eyeliner and if you are having small eyes then outline your eyes with white eyeliner. For eye-shadow go for light pink in the middle part while the darker shade on the higher part of the eye-lid. Finish off the eye make up with few coats of blue mascara to get an intense look.

Bridal Eye Make Up

Lip Make Up:

Take care of your lips during to keep off chapped lips problem at bay. Go for beewax-lipstick as they will keep your lips moisten for long time. Get a gorgeous lip-color that complements the occasion as bright red or coral red shade. To increase the longevity you can apply lip primer to your lips for a smooth finish. Then get the desired shape for your lips by using lip-liner and then fill up the lips with your favouritte lipstick. Next place a tissue paper between your lips to wipe out the excess color and then reapply your lipstick.

Lip Make Up

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