5 Ways To Use Stinging Nettle Leaf For Benefits Of Skin And Hair

Have you ever heard of stinging nettle? Stinging nettle is a plant which has its origin in Asia and Europe but now you can find it anywhere. There are nettle leaf teas available. You can also find dried nettle leaves in packs at stores. Nettle leaf is a blessing for those who want to find a solution to end their skin, hair and health problems. The nettle tea which is available in stores is really beneficial for your health in many ways. We have listed the 5 ways of using nettle leaf for benefits of skin and hair. This will surely help you to end all your skin and hair problems. Take a look!

Here Are The 5 Ways To Use Stinging Nettle Leaf For Benefits Of Skin And Hair

1. For Acne

Dried nettle leaves help in reducing the signs of acne. It is used externally for reducing the appearance of acne. Many girls face the problem of acne and it actually scares them. The extract of nettle leaves is also used as a skin tonic. How to use it for reducing acne? Soak the stinging nettle leaf in hot water. This will remove the stings of the leaf. Once they are soaked and stings are gone, you can strain the water in a glass. You should drink this daily to reduce acne.[1]

Don’t Pick Chin Acne

2. For Hair Loss

If you face hair loss problems, stinging nettle is the best and oldest remedy for it. You will find many nettle oil and nettle capsules which help in reducing hair loss. However you can find a solution at home too. You would need stinging nettle extract from the roots or the leaves and rinse your hair with this thrice or four times in a week. Do not touch the stinging hair as that will cause inflammation.[2]

For Hair Loss

3. For Dandruff

Stinging nettle leaf works wonders when it comes to dandruff. It works like a magical wand. Collect some nettle leaves carefully and dry them in a jar. When they are completely dry, put them boiling water. Take a bottle of glycerin soap which has very few deposit left at the bottom. It should be empty with very little deposit at the bottom. Now pour the boiled nettle leaf along with the reduced water in the bottle. Shake it well so that the glycerin soap and nettle leaf water get mixed and form a shampoo. Use it once in a week.[3]


4. For Skin Diseases

Stinging nettle leaf can be used effectively for eczema and chicken pox. You need not worry much about stretch marks as well. All you need to is make a paste out of the nettle leaf and apply it. You can also make a tea with nettle leaf by boiling it and once it cools down, apply it on the affected areas. This will surely control skin diseases. It has antiviral and antibacterial properties which makes it a great home remedy.[4]

For Skin Diseases

5. For Wounds And Burns

Yes! This can help you to get relief from burns and wounds. Also, when you get burnt or get any bad wound – the marks do not fade away easily. Stinging nettle will not only help you to get relief but also help in making the marks vanish. You can use the concoction of nettle leaves to heal the wounds and burns. You can make a paste of the nettle leaf and mix aloe vera leaf paste in it too. This will give better results and you will be better in no time.[5]

Wounds And Burns

Now you know the secret of how to use the stinging nettle leaf for hair and skin benefits. The DIY remedies mentioned above really work wonders! You will be pleased once you get desired results. However make sure you do not get too intimate with the nettle leaf because it stings. Be careful!

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