5 Ways To Deal With Hair Loss After Rebonding


 Ways To Deal With Hair Loss After Rebonding

Many people having curly and frizzy hairs undergo hair rebonding. In the rebondingprocess your hairs are broken from their roots, rearranged and then again bonded on the scalp with the application of harsh chemicals. It gives instantaneous effect but leaves your hairs damaged and altered. It does more harm than good. There are various reasons to it. Sometimes if this process is not done properly chemicals remains on the scalp and ultimately leads to hair loss. If the metal plates used in the process are very much hot than the desired temperature then it adversely affect your scalp as well as hairs leaving you with embarrassing bald patches. If you have been suffering from these hair issues then you need not to worry. In this article we will tell you five ways to deal with hair loss after rebonding.

Here Are The 5 Ways To Deal With Hair Loss After Rebonding:

1. Avoid Use Of Hair Dryer

One should not use hair dryer to dry your hairs. A dryer can get very hot and may result into more hair breakage. One should keep hairs loose and don’t tie them in a knot as it will then exert more strain on your hair.

Avoid use of hair dryer

2. Oiling And Messaging

Oiling with mild oils like coconut oil, castor oil, almond oil, olive oil is very good for your damaged hairs. Oiling helps in reducing hair loss to a considerable extent and helps in growth of hairs. One is advised to do hair messaging two times a week. With better blood circulation your hairs gets enough moisture, nutrition and oxygen.

Oiling and Messaging

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3. Silicon Free Mild Shampoo

You must be very cautious not to use chemical rich and scented hair products like serums, gels, oils, shampoo, hair sprays etc. on your hairs. Go for a herbal and vitamin E enriched shampoo which is absolutely free from paraben and silicone content.

Use Mild Shampoo

4. Avoid Exposure Of Direct Sunlight

It is recommended not to go directly under the skin. If at all it is necessary then wear a scarf on your head to save your scalp and hairs from Sun’s harsh UVA and UVB rays. Your hairs which have already been damaged will become more damaged under the exposure to direct sunlight.

Avoid exposure of direct sunlight

5. Stop Going For Another Cosmetic Hair Treatment

Impact of strong chemicals damages your soft hair tissues and follicles. Hair becomes rough, hard and brittle. The chemicals used in the rebounding process have been absorbed by your hairs and have badly impacted your hair follicles. Further application of chemicals will worsen the condition of your hairs and can result in baldness too.

Stop Going For Another Cosmetic Hair Treatment

These hair techniques might give you a momentary attractive look but does more deterioration to your hairs which is hard to recover again. Use natural and herbal products to keep hairs healthy and attractive.

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