5 Ways To Avoid Excess Sweat And Stay Fresh All Day

5 Ways To Avoid Excess Sweat And Stay Fresh All Day

Do you avoid shaking your sweaty hands with others? is excess sweat causing you awkward body odor?

Well, excess sweating can be embarrassing along with sweaty palm, body or foot odor and even lead to social isolation. Excess perspiration is actually a health condition called Hyperhidrosis which brings too much sweats on armpits, palm and under the feet area. Though its not a serious health issue but may convey negative impression about you.

But ladies don’t fret here give you top 5 awesome ideas which would keep excess sweating in check and would help you stay fresh all day long. Read on to know more.

Here Are The 5 Ways To Avoid Excess Sweat And Stay Fresh:

Wear Comfortable Clothes:

One of the most important factors that affect sweating is your dress. Go for light weight and comfortable clothes, which will let you body to breathe freely. Slightly loose fitting clothes and fabric like cotton are perfect to control body heat as well as excess sweat.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Put Breathable Shoes On:

Along with controlling body sweat, excess sweat on feet should also be in checked to prevent foot odor. Market is thronging with good quality, breathable and stylish shoes which not only control sweating on feet but also create a cool style statement.

Put Breathable Shoes On

Skip Spicy Foods:

Eating habits also affects sweating immensely and it has been found by the scientific researches that spicy and hot food items causes more sweat. As these types of foods tend to increase the temperature of your body so it’s the self defense process of your body that it tries to bring the heat level by generating more sweat.

Skip Spicy Foods

Avoid Sun Exposure:

If you are struggling with excessive sweating then it is better to avoid sun exposure as much as you can. Though morning sunlight is good for skin but the sun in the afternoon becomes pretty damaging and produces gallon of sweats. Try to set your outing plan after the sun goes down.

Avoid Sun Exposure

Carry A Small Towel:

This idea is definitely not going to control sweating but can save you getting into awkward situations. Whenever you feel your palms are sweaty or sweats rolling down from your forehead or neck, just wipe off.

forehead or neck, just wipe off.

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