5 Visually Striking Panther Tattoo Designs

Big cats which are carnivore animals serve as interesting tattoo designs. Big cats usually mean tiger, lion, leopard. Panther or black panther is a carnivore that also falls in big cat category. There are several interesting and visually striking panther tattoo designs available in tattoo market. These are extremely popular now a days.

Meaning Of A Panther Tattoo

Mainly the species panther includes big cats like leopard and jaguar. But in jungles of South America there is an unique species of jaguar which is completely black. By uttering the word panther image of this black jaguar comes into mind. This black panther is a stealthy creature which works like an opportunistic hunter. Apart from its wild image a black panther symbolizes social turmoil, activity and revolution also. In classic tale like Jungle Book a black panther is shown as protector too. Therefore a black panther tattoo on body stands for wild beauty, strength, cleverness, cunning, revolution, family bond, protection.

A panther tattoo can be done in places like back, shoulder, arms, chest.

Here Are 5 Visually Striking Panther Tattoo Designs For Tattoo Lovers

1. Full Figure Panther Tattoo Designs

A black panther prowling in full figure is available aplenty in tattoo market. It makes stunning back tattoo specially for women with attractive back. Arm is also a best place for such a design.

Full figure panther tattoo designs

2. Head Or Face Of Panther Tattoos

Not full figure, just the head of face of black panther also makes for a striking tattoo on body. Plenty of such designs are found in the market.

Head or face of panther tattoos

3. Tribal Panther Tattoo Designs

Each and every generic tattoo of today has an ornamental tribal design. In this regard there are visually striking panther tattoos that have panther vividly drawn in tribal art.

Tribal panther tattoo designs

4. Panther With Wings Tattoos

The imagination of tattoo artists has given birth to some very unique panther tattoos in which a panther is seen with two big feathery wings. A kind of mythological panther image.

Panther with wings tattoos

5. Panther Claw Tattoo Designs

No image of panther. Just its paw marks are found as  interesting tattoo designs in market. Tattoo lovers who like to have symbolic images instead of direct image can have this panther paw tattoo on body. Sometimes scratch marks image is also seen in place of paw. Best places is back. So you want to have a panther tattoo on body, kindly choose from the list given here.

Panther claw tattoo designs

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