5 Valentine’s Day Eye Makeup Ideas


Hey, it’s time again to celebrate the day of love and romance, the Valentine’s Day. Whether you are single or not, this special day is an opportunity to get dressed up and make an impression with your killer makeup and gorgeous outfits. Whether you are out with your girlfriends or you are with your date, you definitely want everyone to notice you.

Besides the bold lips, sexy updos and tousled waves, eye makeup is something that can enhance your look and transform the way you look. If you wish to make a statement with a blink of your eyes this valentine, then here are some sassy and sweet ideas.  These makeup ideas will make your day the most memorable one.

Here Are The Valentine’s Day Eye Makeup Ideas:

1. Sweet Girl Look

To achieve a pretty, cute and sweet girl look on Valentine, this eye makeup will be of great help. Start with a bronze eye shadow on the lids and blend them into the grooves using a feathery brush. Apply a glimmering champagne eye shadow on the inner corners and to the area just below the brow line. Line the lashes with brown eyeliner, gold-toned brown would add some extra highlights. Finish with a thick coat of mascara on the lashes.


2. Romantic Vintage Eyes

Vintage is back in style, so why not try to create that romantic retro eyes this valentine and look dramatic and romantic. To achieve this look, choose an eye shadow close to your skin color and spread it over the lids. Go for a soft brown color into the groove for a more natural look. With a liquid or gel liner, draw a cat eye and finish with a thick coat of black mascara on both lashes.


3. Bold Blue

For a fresh, hot and intense look, this smoky blue eye is what you should try. Apply a black shadow or kajal from lash line to half way up. Cover the entire lid with a shimmery blue shadow. Spread a matte navy blue shade on the center of the eye lid. Spread a shimmery purple shadow just below the brow line and blend the colors using a brush. Line the lashes with black eyeliner; do a bit of cat eyes for extra drama. Add a bit of the shimmery blue shadow below lower lash line and finish the makeup with mascara and a silver shadow below the brow line and the inner corners of the eyes.


4. Pretty Pink

Pink is a favorite valentine color so why not go for a gorgeous eye make up with the much loved valentine color this time, cool right. Start with a neutral base and then dab a light pink over it starting from lash line to groove. Dab a dark metallic pink over the entire lids and go for a glowing white highlighter in the inner corners and area below the brow line. Dab a bit of the pink below the lower lash line and complete the makeup with eye liner and mascara.


5. Stunning Nude Eyes

For natural, sexy and stunning eyes, nude makeup is the best. Go for bronze and soft browns to achieve the perfect sassy look. A black or brown eye liner with a highlighter in the inner corners and brow line will make the lids look perfect. Finish the eye makeup with a single coat of mascara and do not forget the peach lip shade.


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