5 Useful Tips On Skin Care After Soaking In The Rain

Skin Care After Soaking In The Rain

After the hot scorching days of summer when monsoon arrives it seem as blessing to the entire world of flora and fauna and with rain we all feel some kind of emotional connection which is beyond explanation. However, the effects of monsoon rain are not all rosy as it may seem, especially in regard to your skin-health. The idea of getting drenched in the rain can be fun but it is disastrous for your skin as humidity provides the breeding ground for numerous bacteria and viruses that cause fungal infection, itchy skin, redness of the skin etc. But that doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself completely from heaven’s bliss as rain but following these few preventive measures can provide you perfect regret-free monsoon fun.

Here Are The 5 Useful Tips On Skin Care After Soaking In The Rain:

Take Shower After Soaking In The Rain:

One of the most important and immediate things to follow after soaking in the rain could be taking shower with tap or normal water. Use an anti-bacterial or else some natural soap are also available in the market which contains anti-bacterial properties. Apart from this you can even mix couple of drops of antibacterial solution in your bath water to fight off the fungal or infectious bacteria.

Cold Compress or Shower

Wash Your Face Wisely:

While cleaning face don’t forget that the face skin tend to be more gentle and delicate than the other part of the body so better not to use anti-bacterial soap on face as it may make you feel dry out. Instead go for tea tree oil or Azadirachta indica oil cleanser that not only cleanse your face from impurities or pollution but also keep off the fungal bacteria.

Using hot or very cold water to wash your face

Toning And Moisturizing:

Toning and moisturizing are the parts of any healthy skin care regime so don’t skip it even on monsoon. After having bath toning and moisturizing helps to tighten your skin pores and also retain the natural moisture to your skin and give you a younger looking glow. For toner and moisturizer, opt for those which are free from alcohol and also that suit your skin as well. You can even prepare moisturizer at home by mixing 2 teaspoon of glycerin in 1 cup of rose water.

Irregular moisturizing

Sun Protection:

Many people skip sunscreen on monsoon as they think clouds can protect their skin from the ultra-violet rays of the sun but that’s a wrong perception which needs to be changed. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen at least of 30 SPF before stepping out of your home. Go for water-proof make-up and water resistant sunscreen so they don’t wash away in the rain. However, keep applying the sunscreen whenever you need it.


Carry Dry Tissue Papers:

Always carry couple of tissue papers in your handbag during rainy seasons. So that if you get drenched in rain willingly or unwillingly you can wipe out the rain water immediately by the tissues to dry the skin and thus prevent bacterial development which always occurs in the humidity. You can also dust some compact powder to ensure the dryness.

Carry dry tissue papers

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