5 Useful Hair Care Tips For Women During The Monsoon

In monsoon seasons women suffers most with their hair. And those who have a long hair they actually get in problem with their hair. Mainly the problem causes due the high amount of humidity in the hair and the hair does not dry properly. You can face problems fungal infection in scalp, oily dandruff, bad smell in hair etc. In this article I am sharing some useful tips for hair care for women during the monsoons. It will help you to solve the hair related problem you suffer especially in the monsoon and how to get a beautiful manageable hair in monsoon. So, what are you waiting for? Just go through the topic and follow each tip carefully to take care of your hair.

Here Are 5 Useful Hair Care Tips For Women During The Monsoon

1. Keep Your Hair Dry Properly

In the season of monsoon there is lot of humidity in the air. That’s why every thing has a moisture texture in this season. Your hair is also not out of it. Due to moisture in your hair sometime you will notice fungal infection in your scalp which is a common problem among women during the monsoon. Fungal infection often causes hair fall, bad smell from hair and other hair related problem. So, try to keep your hair dry. When ever you wash your hair with water first towel dry your hair and then dry it. You can use drier to dry your hair, but drying with fan is preferable.

Keep Your Hair Dry Properly

2. Do Not Keep Your Hair Open

In monsoon time do not keep your hair open. As humidity in the atmosphere is high in this season your hair will catch the moisture which will make it dull and ugly. So when ever you step out from your home just do any tied hairstyle or you can wrap your hair with a colorful scarf. But do not tie wet hair as it will create fungal infections in your scalp. So when ever you tie your hair in monsoon always dry it properly then tie it for a hairdo.

Do Not Keep Your Hair Open

3. Wash Your Hair Regularly

Wash your hair properly in monsoon. You will notice that your hair get so oily in monsoon as the oil glands of your scalp secrets so much of oil and your hair gets oily. And in this season if you have a tendency of sweating in scalp the situation will go too worst. Try to wash your hair with any mild herbal shampoo which suits your hair to wash away all the dirt from your hair.

Wash Your Hair Regularly

4. Avoid Rain Drops

Try to avoid rain drops because it is harmful for your hair. Rain drops are basically acidic in nature and when your hair gets in touch of rain some times it get rough and frizzy. So, when you are stepping out of your home try to carry an umbrella or a raincoat. It will help you to save your hair from rain drops. If your hair gets wet with rain then always wash your hair properly with water and then dry your hair. Try to follow this tip especially in monsoon.

Avoid Rain Drops

5. Keep The Shine On Your Hair

Especially in monsoon you will notice that your hair looses its life and looks very dull. Often you notice a bad smell comes out from your hair. To avoid this try to dry your hair. Here is a useful tip which will add life to your hair. Take a mug of plain water. Now mix ¼ cup of pure honey and ¼ cup of lemon juice in it. Mix well and wash your hair with this water at the end of your hair wash. Do not wash it with water, rather stay it on your hair for an add shine and life to your hair.

Keep The Shine On Your Hair

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