5 Unusual Side Effects Of Onion You Should Be Aware Of


5 Unusual Side Effects Of Onion You Should Be Aware Of

Onion is the most widely used cooking ingredients in Indian cuisine and also in other countries as well. Either to make the salad crunchier or to make rich and thick gravy or just to add flavor to our favouritte soup, onions has no competitor.

You can eat it in multiple ways from raw to fried or roasted according to different dishes. Not only that, loaded with good amount of vitamin C, folic acid, protein, fiber calcium, iron etc., onions even possess myriad health benefits. It helps to lower down the blood pressure, asthma symptoms, diabetes and even lowers the risk of cancer.

But likewise every positive thing inevitably preserves some negative aspects too, so are the onions. Excess consumption of onions may bring some side effects you are probably not aware of. If you wondering what they are, let us enlighten you.

Here Are The 5 Side Effects Of Onions

1. Massive Drop Of Blood Sugar Levels:

As onion helps to lowers down the blood sugar level immensely so it is necessary to check blood sugar level frequently as sudden fall of blood sugar level may bring serious health issues.

Massive Drop Of Blood Sugar Levels

2. Intestinal Gas:

Excess intake of onions may hamper the proper functioning of intestine and often paves way for diverse health issues as gas, bloating, vomiting sensation etc. If one suffers from these symptoms from excessive intake of onions, he/she should consult physician.

Intestinal Gas

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3. Allergy:

Onions can be allergic to few people when it’s juice comes into the contact with their skin and they may get skin irritation, skin rash, redness of the skin or even difficulty in breathing. So if you are planning to use onion juice for beauty treatment it is recommended to test it on a small area of your skin before you go for thorough application


4. Bad Breathe:

One of the known side effects of onion is that it gives you bad breath. As Onion is loaded with high level of sulphur that possesses a strong smell so when you eat it raw, you likely to experience a bad breath.

Bad Breath

5. Not Good For Pregnant Women:

Few pregnant women may experience heart burn if consume onions during pregnancy. While eating raw onion also proves vomiting sensation among pregnant ladies.

Not Good For Pregnant Women

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