5 Unique Kingfisher Tattoo Designs For Tattoo Lovers

Animal world provides great inspirations for exotic and colorful tattoos to tattoo makers. Animal kingdom includes birds from sky too. Bird tattoos are very popular among fashion conscious tattoo loving women. There are thousands of species of birds found in the earth. That is why bird tattoos are aplenty in tattoo market. Kingfisher tattoo is a hugely popular bird tattoo now a day.

Meaning Of Kingfisher Tattoo

kingfisher is a small bird. It has color of rainbow in its body. The specialty of this bird is that it lives and hovers around water bodies and hunts fish, insects. Kingfisher is a predatory bird that snatches fish from water with amazing agility. This ability and beauty have made it popular among tattoo lovers specially women. Women like to have kingfisher tattoo on body because of colorful beauty, message of living freely without bondage, agility and a sense for survival. A kingfisher tattoo can be done in places like back, arms, lower abdomen, side of the body, wrists, even in face.

Here Are 5 Unique Kingfisher Tattoo Designs For Tattoo Lovers

1. Kingfisher Sitting On A Branch Tattoo Designs

There are several interesting kingfisher tattoo designs that can be found in the tattoo market. One of such designs show kingfisher sitting upon a branch of a tree. This tattoo looks really great on the body of a woman.

Kingfisher Sitting On A Branch Tattoo Designs

2. Kingfisher Flying Tattoos

There are some other attractive tattoo designs that show kingfisher flying with wings spread. This kind of tattoo looks really awesome on a tattoo lover or woman who has attractive back.

Kingfisher Flying Tattoos

3. Kingfisher With Flower Tattoo Designs

Women love beauty and fragrance of flower. That is why every generic tattoo has flower or flowers with generic image. In this regard some attractive kingfisher tattoos also have lovely flower or tree or branch filled with flower with image of the bird.

Kingfisher With Flower Tattoo Designs

4. Kingfisher Watercolor Tattoos

Kingfisher is a colorful bird. That is why there are several watercolor tattoos that have terrific looking kingfisher in it. A must have for tattoo loving women.

Kingfisher Watercolor Tattoos

5. Kingfisher With Fish Or Insect In Beak Tattoo Designs

Kingfisher eats fish or insect these hunt from water bodies or near by grassland. There are some great looking tattoos which show kingfisher sitting on a branch with a fish or insect in beak.

Kingfisher With Fish Or Insect In Beak Tattoo Designs

So you want to have a kingfisher tattoo on your body, kindly choose from the list given here.

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