5 Ultimate Blue Hair Color Products

Ultimate Blue Hair Color Products

Hair colouring has become very common now a days. Many of the top notch brands such as Revlon, Loreal, Garnier have been coming up with latest hair colour shades to suit the changing taste of women. Recently these brands have come up with a new hot selling colour “Blue” which has stolen the hearts of many. In this article we will talk about five blue hair colour products.

Here Are The 5 Ultimate Blue Hair Color Products:

Loreal Hair Colours

Out of the brilliant collection of hair colours offered by Loreal, blue is one of the most eye catching shades. It possesses remarkable anti-fading properties that help the colour to stay on your hairs for almost two months easily. Besides colouring your hairs it also hydrates them and imparts dazzling shine to them.

Loreal Hair colours

Liquid Hair Colour By Revlon

Revlon is a renowned brand which has brought fabulous blue and black hair colours that makes your hairs shiny and gorgeous. It conditions your hairs and stays for a longer time.

Liquid Hair Colour by Revlon

Hair Colour By Jerome Russell’s

The best part of this brand is that it gives you plenty of mesmerising colour options to choose from. Not only it colours your hairs but also conditions and moisturizes your hairs. The staying power of this hair colour is high and is also effective on chemically treated and bleached hair.

Hair Colour by Jerome Russell’s

Naturtint Permanent

This is an Indian brand which makes available hair colour in various shades of blue such as aqua, alcohol and cocamide. All of their hair colours are made using biodegradable materials and vegetable dyes. Application of this colour not just adds a beautiful colour to your hairs but also makes your hair root strong and prevents it from premature greying.

Naturtint Permanent

Henna Cream By Surya

This is also an Indian brand featuring pure and natural hair colour that is free from ammonia, preservatives, perfumes and artificial. You can get this colour in fifteen cool and funky shades of blue. All looks superb and hide your grey hair in the best way.

Henna Cream by Surya

Blue colour is the symbol of fun, freshness and boldness. Though this hair colour is not easily available, you would find it only in a few selected stores. Add some thrill and enjoyment to your life with this new makeover!

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