5 Trendy Bob Hairstyles For Professional Women

Layered or non-layered, classic or modern, the variety of bob hairstyles fulfill fashion desires of women in every walk of life. Started by the female ambulance drivers during the First World War, this hairstyle has stayed in the fashion by going under different upgrading process and interesting twists. The most prominent advantage of a short bob haircut is its easy maintenance. This haircut is well suited especially for the professional women, as it requires no fuss and extensive styling. According to many hair stylists, this hair cut never goes out of fashion. Swimmers and those who work in food industry find it convenient to restrain their bob cut hair under a cap or hair net. Short bob haircuts are also comfortable for those who live in warm climates, as it is cut shorter in the back. That is why a bob haircut is called an ideal spring and summer hair style. Women with very fine or thin hair should go for a short bob hairstyle, as this style can easily be layered to give more dimension and volume.

Here Are 5 Trendy Bob Hairstyles For Professional Women

1. Classic Bob Haircut

A classic bob haircut is done by cutting the hair to the same length all around the head. There are few options however to play with. Some women like a chin length cut, in which the hair falls just to the jawline. On the other hand, some choose to go further and chop the hair around the ears. In addition, this hairstyle suits more to women with long and narrow faces, as it helps to shorten their face and gives a nice balance.

Classic Bob Haircut

2. Angled Bob Haircut

In doing an angled bob haircut, the hair is kept long in the front of the face and gradually gets shorter as it reaches the back of the neck. The short hair in the back gives more volume and movement to the longer hair in the front. This hairstyle works best on straight and wavy hair. However, women with curly hair can dress the style by using a hair straightener every day. There is one negative point, however, with this hairstyle that it needs to be maintained on a regular basis. A trip to the hairstylist may be required every three weeks or so to keep the overall shape of the haircut.

Angled Bob Haircut

3. Long Bob Haircut

A long bob hairstyle is a medium-length haircut with blunt ends and a few layers. The length of hair is kept just above the shoulders with many variations including, angling of the hair, parting and exact length. This kind of variety makes this hairstyle very famous among many women. The polished, wavy style makes the look very modern. However, the hair can also be curled away from the face to get a tousled, beach-hair type look. A hair stylist sometimes uses a razor on the ends of the hair to slightly rough it up and create more interest in the style. Bangs are also very popular with this hairstyle, either blunt across the forehead or swept to the side.

Long Bob Haircut

4. Inverted Or Concave Bob Haircut

Inverted bob haircut gives more height to the crown, which makes it a popular hairstyle choice for women with thin hair. It involves tapering of the sides and front of the hair to create a curtain effect, with very short strands in the back. The asymmetrical shape, thus achieved provides a modern look to the person. While some people like to go with different length variations at the hair’s tips, other just like to include layers into the bob. From Curly to straight, the inverted bob haircut comes with a flexible range of styles. Due to this aspect, it is considered appropriate for most age groups. Teens often wear this style with attachments and colors. However, when getting an inverted bob hairstyle one should remember, that a sharp and jagged layers are considered appropriate for a round face, while round layers work best on angular faces.

Inverted Or Concave Bob Haircut

5. Shaggy Bob Haircut

A shaggy bob haircut is created by combining multiple layers to get a tossed, fresh look. The length of the hair of these bobs reaches somewhere between the chin and the shoulder, including several layers around the crown. The length of the style can vary, but the main focus always stays on creating layers. The layers are often styled appropriately to give more depth and visual appeal to the hairstyle. All the layers are styled in a way that they all stick out from the main body of hair. While front layers frame the face, remaining layers give the shaggy appearance to the whole hairstyle.

Shaggy Bob Haircut


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