5 Trendy Bags Every Woman Should Own

What’s a good outfit without a trendy bag? A bag is very important in a woman’s wardrobe. She needs to have several types of bags in order to match with her outfits. There are certain bags a woman should own. Women have to carry many things in their bags and so, the bag should be good enough to carry and should also make a style statement. A woman needs to carry a handbag to her office, a clutch to a party and sling when she is hanging out with her friends. Fashion trends change from time to time. We have jotted down the 5 trendy bags every woman should own.

Here Are 5 Trendy Bags Every Woman Should Own

1. Crossbody Bag

Crossbody shoulder bags are really stylish. A woman can carry a crossbody bag to various places such as a casual hangout with friends, college, an outstation trip or even to the marketplace. This type of bag helps the girl to be at ease.  You can carry a medium sized crossbody bag in case you are going to a place where you would need your essentials. If you are going for clubbing, you can carry a small bling crossbody bag. A leather crossbody bag looks fantastic.

Crossbody Bag

2. Weekender Bag

Weekender bags are large sized. If you are going on a short trip or a picnic, the weekender bag is perfect for you. It has enough room for you to pack clothes, shoes and other essentials. You will be able to find Weekender Bags in different colors and styles. They are a very convenient option for women who like traveling or have a job which entails traveling a lot. It will act as your best friend when you are on the move. If you travel a lot, the weekender bag is the right choice for you.

Weekender Bag

3. Evening Clutch

Evening clutches are a must have! You need to own an evening clutch for special dates, parties and clubbing with your friends. These days you will find such amazing clutches in the market. You can check out online shops for clutches. There is so much variety. Buy one with a neutral shade. You can buy a bling clutch for special occasions. Bling is so much IN! Make sure you own at least two of these amazing little clutches which are perfect for fun evenings.

Evening Clutch

4. Structured Day Tote Bag

This one is a necessity for women who are working. You can buy a large Structured Day Tote Bag if you have a laptop and tablet to carry. Buy one from a good brand which can hold heavy things. Buy a medium tote if you just have to keep makeup and accessories. This bag is perfect for daytime purpose. You can get these totes in colors such as beige, black, grey  or maroon. These classic colors go with almost everything!

Structured Day Tote Bag

5. Bucket Bag

Bucket bags are trendy! They are shaped like a bucket and look really cool on casual hangouts. You can buy a bucket bag in colors like brown, black or pink. If you are going out with your friends, a bucket bag looks really cool. You can keep all your necessities in this bucket shaped bag. Once you wear it, it will make an awesome style statement. Pair it with casual clothing and you’ll look fabulous.

Bucket Bag

So, now you know about the 5 Trendy Bags that you SHOULD own. Make sure you take a friend along. When you have another person shopping with you, it gets easier to choose. Choose a trendy bag for yourself! Happy shopping!

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