5 Top Simple Treatments For Hair Growth

5 Top Simple Treatments For Hair Growth

5 Top Simple Treatments For Hair Growth

Long and lustrous hair is one of the conditions that define the beauty of a woman and it is one of the natural assets that every woman is concern about. Hence the problem like hair fall can be very disturbing and stressful, after all no ones like to have thin hair or appear bald.Stress, lack of sleep, improper hair care, unhealthy food habits, using too much chemicals, pollution or the side effects of certain medication etc. can be the major reasons behind hair fall problem.

Though you may find numerous advertisements on TV or websites promoting various hair care products, promise hair growth, to make you confuse but not all of them are effective even some possesses negative effects too. But ladies you don’t need to fret over as here we are sharing top 5 simple yet effective treatments that not only promotes hair growth but also put an end to hair-fall problem and without any risks of side effects. Just scroll down to know more.

Here Are The 5 Treatments For Hair Growth:

Give A Hot Oil Massage:

One of the effective treatments that promote hair growth is hot oil massage. All you need to do is take certain amount of coconut oil in a vessel and heat it. Next, using a cotton ball or your finger tip, dab the lukewarm oil all over your scalp and hair. Then massage your scalp gently for few minutes and leave it for at least one hour before rinsing off. Hot oil massage boosts the blood circulation in your scalp and thus stimulates hair follicles for hair growth. While on the other hand, it eliminates the dead skin cells and other impurities from the scalp and also nourishes your hair and makes them healthy.

Massage With Hot Oil

Renew Your Diet:

No matter how many treatments or products you try out but until you nurture your assets from inside it can’t reflect healthy and attractive from outside for longer time. Application of different chemicals on hair only gets you a temporary relief, to get a permanent solution to your problem you need to provide right nourishment and proper care to it’s root by a healthy diet. To grow healthy lustrous tresses you need to increase the number of food in your diet that preserves good amount of amino acids. Foods like egg, milk and dairy products like yogurt or cheese, chicken etc. and the vitamins and minerals available in green veggies, apple, mango, orange juice, carrot etc. are immensely helpful in generating hair growth.

Eating habits For hair growth

Use Aloe-Vera:

Aloe-Vera is a gift of the nature that is packed with huge amount of health and beauty attributes and promoting hair growth is one of them. Aloe-vera serves your hair and scalp in multiple ways. As it is loaded with pretty decent amount of anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and natural soothing properties it diminishes fungal growth or any type of infection on the scalp and its soothing effect on the other hand relieves the itchiness of scalp. Moreover it generates hair growth. You can either intake aloe-juice half an hour before every meal or you can simply massage your scalp mildly with fresh aloe juice for few minutes before rinsing off.

Use Aloe-vera

Try Egg Hair Mask:

A right hair mask can prove to be an excellent way to generate hair growth as it injects the all necessary ingredients to stimulate hair growth at one time. One of the effective hair masks for hair growth is egg hair mask. You simply need to take one or two eggs according the length of your hair. Beat and whip them to make the solution foamy and add two teaspoon of coconut oil or any other of your choice. To neutralize the smell of the egg you may add few drops of essential oil too. Now apply the solution thoroughly on your hair and scalp. Leave it for at least 30 minutes before rinsing it off with shampoo and followed by a conditioner. This hair mask nourishes the scalp, generates hair growth and even drives dandruff problem away.

Try Egg Hair Mask

Trim Your Tresses Regularly:

Though sounds strange but its true! One of the important treatments for hair growth is trimming your hair on regular basis. Though hair grows from it’s root but when you are struggling with split ends or damaged hair strands, it tend to move backward and lead to the root of the hair. That not only hinders hair growth but even paves way for other hair problems as brittle hair or hair fall etc. While trimmed hair grows quickly as it doesn’t required effort to fix hair damage.

Trim Your Tresses Regularly

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