5 Top Side Effects Of Papaya

 Side Effects Of Papaya

Papaya is not only a sweet, aromatic and luscious fruit to satisfy your taste-buds but packed with decent amount of dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, essential nutrients including a rich source of vitamin C that makes it one of the most healthiest tropical fruit around.

Papaya possess huge health benefits as it helps to controls high blood pressure, diabetes, heart issues and even prevent cancer. But it’s all effects are not that rosy as you might think. As you know too much of anything never gives a positive outcome so it is true to papaya. Excess consumption of papaya may bring some side effects you should be cautious of.Read on to know more.

Here Are The 5 Side Effects Of Papaya:

Discoloration Of Skin:

Excess consumption of papaya may lead to carotenemia or discoloration of the skin. As papaya is packed with beta carotene which gives it the orange color, too much intake of it may also turn your palms, sole of the feet, eye white with yellow color as if you are suffering from jaundice.

Discoloration Of Skin

Kidney Stone:

Papaya is a store house of vitamin C, a normal 5 inch long papaya preserves almost 60 mg vitamin that provides 300% of vitamin C dose to our body, exceeding the requirement. Though vitamin C helps our body in many ways but too much of it may produce pro-oxidant and lead to kidney stones build up.

Kidney disease

Respiratory Problems:

Papaya is packed with the enzyme called Papain, which is a strong allergen. According to some scientific research people who eat excess amount of papaya may experience diverse problems related to respiratory system as hay fever, wheezing, breathing problem or asthma symptoms etc.

Respiratory Problem


Papaya even causes abortion, as it is loaded with natural latex which helps uterine contraction. This often leads to miscarriages or abortion, abnormality in the child etc. Therefore pregnant women should strictly avoid the intake of raw papaya while the ripe ones are safe.


Stomach Upset:

Papaya is loaded with the properties that consuming too much of them may give you an upset stomach. While the papain and high fiber in papaya known to soothe your stomach, excessive dose may leave your stomach unrest, moreover latex too gives stomach irritation and you get ailments as Bloating, stomach ache, nausea etc.

Stomach problems

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