5 Tips To Choose The Right Mascara For You

5 Tips To Choose The Right Mascara For You

If you want a pair of dramatic eyes make up or just want to for nude make up, in every aspects the role of mascara is essential to complete the look. It is normally used as a part of finishing touch of a make-up. Those who are not born with thick and longer eye-lashes mascara also comes for them to rescue as a few coats of mascara can give you make your eye-lashes appear fuller and longer in a jiffy. So mascara has earned a secure place in the make up kits of every modern woman. Markets are though flooded with the mascaras belong to different color, texture and benefits but picking the right one for you can be tricky.

Hence here we give you top 5 types of mascara to single out the right one for you. Want to know how? Just keep reading.

Here Are The 5 Tips To Choose Right Mascara For You:

Cream Mascara:

Those who are the owners of thin or delicate eye-lashes they can opt for cream mascara. Cream mascaras prone to be too heavy and thick, so they can turn your thin lashes to be more intense and holds to them for longer time. These types of mascaras are applied with a special applicator made for them.

Cream Mascara

Liquid Mascara:

Liquid mascaras are the most widely used mascaras around the world. These mascaras are available in diverse color and texture. Hence, be it a pair of dramatic intense eyes or natural eye make-up you can get your desired look with few coats. Another good fact about these mascaras is that they possess a huge range to choose from.

Liquid Mascara

Smudge-proof Mascara:

Smudge proof or water-proof mascaras are for those when you want it for longer time without caring for touch up make up frequently. Best point of this mascara is that it doesn’t fade away or smeared easily by rain, tear or sweat.

Smudge-proof Mascara

Curling Mascara:

As the name indicates this type of mascara is to give your eye-lashes curly look. It comes with an applicator wand that helps to apply it on the lashes evenly and brings a natural curly effect to your eye-lashes. But they are thick and heavy so don’t apply too many coats to put extra weight on your lashes.

Curling Mascara

Lash Defining Mascara:

The latest type of mascara that has taken the market by storm is lash define mascara. This mascara preserved all the benefits of other type mascaras in one ranging from intensity, volume, lash extension etc. it’s texture is rich and glossy a perfect combo to give you a stand-out, bold look.

Lash Defining Mascara

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