5 Terrific Crocodile Tattoo Designs

It is seen that people specially women do not like reptiles much. Reptiles specially snake is much avoided. Another reptile that women or some people despise is lizard. But strangely enough when it comes to doing body art or wearing tattoos on the body reptile tattoos are very much in demand. Crocodile is like a big lizard. Crocodile tattoos are very popular among fashion conscious men and women of today.

Meaning Of A Crocodile Tattoo

Crocodile is a reptile that has close relation to dinosaur. There are many species and sub species of this reptile family that live in continents and countries like Africa, Asia, US, Australia. In continent of Africa the crocodiles of Nile river are most famous. Ancient Egyptians even had god with head and body like a crocodile. Crocodiles are fine hunters. The agility with which a crocodile strikes makes it favorite to people. Though not so good looking but a crocodile’s primal beauty attracts tattoo lovers too. A crocodile tattoo on body stands for primal beauty, strength, agility, love for animal world particularly water creatures and spirituality too if you have enough liking and respect for ancient Egypt.

A crocodile tattoo can be done in places like side of the body, back, shoulder, arms, thighs or legs.

Here Are 5 Terrific Crocodile Tattoo Designs For Tattoo Lovers

1. Full Figure Crocodile Tattoo Designs

For people who like to have a full figure crocodile tattoo on body there are such designs available aplenty. The wearer has to choose the place and size of the tattoo.

Full figure crocodile tattoo designs

2. Crocodile Face Tattoos

Instead of a full figure crocodile a tattoo lover can have a terrific looking crocodile face tattoo on body too. There are many excellent designs that have crocodile with closed mouth or jaws opened.

Crocodile face tattoos

3. Crocodile Eyes Tattoo Designs

There are some very interesting crocodile tattoos that show crocodile eye in place of a crocodile or its face. Such tattoos are becoming very favorite to modern tattoo lovers.

Crocodile eyes tattoo designs

4. Tribal Crocodile Tattoos

Modern tattoo lovers have weakness for tribal tattoos. For this reason each and every generic tattoo has a tribal design. There are some crocodile tattoos that have simple crocodile image drawn in black ink in form of tribal ornamental art.

Tribal crocodile tattoos

5. Crocodile With Flower Tattoo Designs

Women tattoo lovers like to wear generic tattoos on body with image of a flower or flowers, in most cases lotus or rose. There are some interesting crocodile tattoos that have crocodile image with one or two flowers. So you want to have a crocodile tattoo on body, kindly take a look at the list given here.

Crocodile with flower tattoo designs

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