5 Tea Tree Oil Face Washes Available In India

Tea Tree Oil Face Washes

If you consider tea tree oil just an essential oil then you under-estimate it’s value, as this oil is now hailed as one of the magical potion for skin care that can keep a number of skin issues at bay.

Loaded with anti-septic, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, this oil is perfect solution for oily skin and problems related to it as acne, breakouts etc. That’s why many skin care brands include tea tree oil in their products as key ingredient and one such product is face wash. Tree oil face wash not only cleanses your face gently but also reduces excess oil production and banishes bacteria that cause acne. Hence if you too struggling with acne problem and looking for a perfect face cleanser here we give you 5 tea tree oil face washes that worth a try.

Here Are The Top 5 Tea Tree Oil Face Washes Available In India:

The Fab India Tea Tree Face Wash

Topping the list with one of the best tea tree oil around is the fab india tea tree oil. Formulated with the anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties of tea tree oil and turmeric this face wash is perfect for oily skin as it minimizes excess sebum fluid secretion and keep acne or pimple at bay. This face wash is also works great to eliminate blemishes.

The Fab India Tea Tree Face wash

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Facial Wash

Next comes face wash that belongs to one of the leading skin care brand, the body shop tea tree oil. A perfect face cleanser that cleanses your skin mildly and flushes out the extra oil from the skin surface and thus prevent pimple or acne. it also fights off the bacteria that cause acne or pimple.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Facial Wash

The VLCC Alpine Mint And Tea Tree Face Wash

This tea tree oil from VLCC is also a great option for all skin type and definitely worth a try. It contains anti-bacterial and anti-septic compounds that banishes pimple or break outs and provides you oil free skin. Formulated with cellulose granules this face wash also helps to lighten your skin tone and treats blemishes or large pores.

The VLCC Alpine Mint and Tea Tree Face wash

Lotus Tea Tree Oil-Control Face Wash

If you are struggling with severe oily skin problem then you can give this face wash a try. The goodness of tea tree oil and cinnamon keep excess sebum fluid production at check at one hand. While the oak bark properties work as exfoliant and wards off the dirt, pollution and dead cells from the skin pores on the other but without leaving your skin dried out.

The VLCC Alpine Mint and Tea Tree Face wash

Oriflame Pure Nature Organic Tea Tree Oil And Rosemary Purifying Wash And Tone Gel

Comes from the very popular Swedish cosmetic product marquee, Oriflame, this face wash has a gel technology that deeply cleanses your skin pores from the excess oil and impurities and thus reduces the chances of pimple and break outs. Its also effective in treating blemishes.

Oriflame Pure Nature Organic Tea Tree Oil

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