5 Surprising Skin Care Ingredients Hiding In Your Kitchen

Surprising Skin Care Ingredients

Using natural ingredients as skin care hacks are very much in vogue nowadays, the more people are getting informed about the negative effects of applying chemicals on the skin, the more they seem to be interested in natural products.

Besides, the sky-high prices of the skin care products available in the market also made it away from the reach of common people, while the natural ingredients are not only effective and cheap but also can be found easily in your kitchen. Hence let us enlighten you with 5 ordinary kitchen ingredients endowed with some extra-ordinary skin attributes to chase your skin problems away!!

Here Are The 5 Skin Care Ingredients From Your Kitchen:


Garlic, a common kitchen ingredient, is not only used to pep up the flavor of your favorite dishes but it also loaded with some wonderful skin benefits. If you are struggling with stubborn acne then give garlic a try. Garlic is enriched with anti-oxidants and other effective properties to treat pimples right way. Just apply little amount of garlic juice on new-born acne and experience the difference. Garlic also works great to diminish dark spots.



You use yogurt in many cuisines for a richer taste but do you know this common kitchen ingredient can do wonders to your skin. Yes, as yogurt is packed with lactic acid and other essential skin ingredients so it can be used in various ways to treat your skin problems. Mix it with honey and it can turn out to be a great fairness pack. It can be used even to ward off oily skin problem.



Egg is loaded with myriad health and skin benefits as well. Eggs, especially the egg white is a store-house of vitamins, minerals and other important ingredients which are quite useful for your skin. If you are worried with the fine lines and wrinkles on your skin just apply some amount of egg whites on them and see the desired result in few days. Egg whites are considered one of the great natural remedy for anti-aging treatment.



Separate some amount of oats from your breakfast table for skin care treatment. Oatmeal is as good for your health as for the skin. Its natural exfoliating properties of oatmeal chases the impurities, dead cells, excess oil from your skin pores and binds the required moisture to your skin and gives a gorgeous glow. You need to mix it with yogurt for a radiant face.



A very commonly used ingredient in almost every type of cuisine, tomato is a great solution to your number of skin problems. Loaded with anti-oxidants, vitamin-c and other essential vitamins and mineral works great to lighten your skin tone, remove blemishes and sun tan etc. Mix it with honey to get an effective tan remover pack.


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