5 Surprising Foods Full Of Sugar You Should Be Aware Of

Foods Full Of Sugar

You might have controlled your cravings for chocolates or ice-cream many times as these food items are loaded with high level of sugar and sugar means extra calories. But have you ever realized that even skipping those foods are meaningless as you are ingesting the equal amounts of sugar through some other seemingly healthy foods?

World Health Organization recommends 5% of sugar-calories on daily basis are ideal for an adult but we often surpass the limit and even without our concern. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up totally on sugary foods but you should know where to stop and must single out those deceiving ‘healthy’ foods that are high in sugar. If you are wondering what those foods are? Just scroll down.

Here Are The 5 Shocking Foods Full Of Sugar:


Though yogurt is loaded with enormous health benefits but if you go for sweetened yogurt you may miss quite of it’s benefits and even ingest a good amount of sugar. As dairy food preserves lactose which sweetens these food naturally but above that when more sugar added to this to sweeten artificially it becomes high in sugar. It is recommended to go for plain yogurt and if you want to sweeten it, add honey or some sweet fruits to reduce the high sugar count.


Chinese Dishes:

You might have given up on your favorite chocolate and feels secured to keep off from high level of sugar then let us enlighten you that the orange Chinese chicken dish that often enjoy in regular hang outs with friends giving you a dose 90gms of sugar a way more than your favorite chocolate.

Chinese dishes

Baked Beans:

Beans, no doubt a healthy food as it preserves pretty high amount of protein, fiber, vitamins etc. and baked beans are often used in many dishes to increase the delicacy but the bad news is that baked beans are loaded with high level of sugar, as ½ cup of baked beans contain 15gm of sugar.

Baked Beans

Grape Juice:

Though grape juice is endowed with so many health attributes but the obviously not the hidden high sugar level. 1 glass of 8 ounce grape juice offers 36 gram of sugar.

Grape Juice

Breakfast Cereal:

You are already aware of the fact that colored and sweet flavored cereals are rich in high sugar but do you know that apparently healthy seeming breakfast cereals are too contains more than average level of sugar? It can even provide you sugar up to 15-20 gram.

Breakfast Cereal

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