5 Sugar Skull Nail Designs

Earlier, painting the nails was a simple process. However, the nail art designs these days have become experimental and bolder. Women like to create various enthralling and unique nail art designs that make them look attractive. Are you looking for some interesting manicure ideas that you can wear on the “the day of the dead”? As everyone knows, sugar skulls are an integral of this celebration to express your love for those who passed away. So, why not paint the same on your tiny nails this season? Sounds great right!

Each sugar skull is unusual and different. It is intricate and has lots of details. Although it would not be very easy painting the details on your tiny finger nail, nevertheless you can try this interesting nail art design. Here are five amazing sugar skull nail ideas to help you out.

1. Simple Sugar skull

Paint your nails white and let it dry. With black polish, mark two bigger sized dots representing the eyes below the cuticle. Using red polish, mark continuous dots around the black dots. Make upside down heart between the eyes for the nose. Paint the mouth below the heart shape using black and highlight the teeth with white and here is your simple and cool sugar skull design.


2. Waterslide Sugar Skull Wraps

Begin with a white base coat. Paint the nails with bright colors like orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, etc over the base coat to make a rainbow of colors and let the nails dry. Cut skull decals from the sheets and put them in warm water for 15 seconds. Once the decals start sliding from the paper, remove them and place them on your nails. Press them against the nails and smooth out the wrinkles. Cut off the excess decals from the tips and smooth out again. Once the nails dry finish with a top coat.


3. Candy Skull Accent Nails

Clean the nails and paint them white or ivory. Draw a skull on your forefinger using black and white and add small rhinestones to decorate it. Simply stick a row of colorful rhinestones below the cuticle on the other fingernails in the form of a semicircle and a single rhinestone in the middle of the nails for the extra sparkle. Lovely it would look.


4. Colorful Neon Sugar Skull

Begin with any base coat of your choice and spread a neon color over it. Make small triangles on the left and right corner of the nail tips with black for creating the skull shape. Mark two larger dots with pink below the cuticle. Blot the nose and smile using black. Highlight the eye with tiny black and silver dots around the pink. Mark the teeth using white and decorate the empty space with the design of your choice. Seal the design with a top coat. You can repeat the same on all nails or decorate it with other designs or go plain neon.


5. 3D Sugar Skull

Paint the nails white and cut thin fimo clay candy skull slices that can be affixed to the nails using glue. Fimo clay candy skulls are available in a variety of designs and colors making it simple for us to do a 3D nail art. Moreover, you can also use other fruity or flower fimo clay designs and nail art accessories such as glitter dust, rhinestones, beads, etc to decorate the skull design.



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