5 Stylish Ways To Style Short Hair For Any Occasion

If you are wearing a short hair hairstyle for a get-together, a small party or any other occasion, then there is no need to remorse for there are following few splendid ways to wear short hairstyles in the most charming way possible. You will not only have eyes fixed on you but also your confidence level will be raised to a next level of threshold. Your arrival might be upraised by the cheers of applause whenever you wear stunning hairstyles at small parties or clubs.

Here Are 5 Stylish Ways To Style Short Hair For Any Occasion

1. Blunt Cut

The fascinating angled layer cut just like Jourdan Dunn wears is none other than the Blunt cut. The sharp cut resides above the collarbone and if done along with ombre, it will simply intensify the effect. To keep the hairs away from your face, it is advisable to rub some powder grip deep in to the roots of your hair for a ravishing look. The Blunt cut is an amazing way to style your hair in the coolest and most sober way possible.

Blunt Cut

2. The Pixie Style

The trick hairstyle which is second on the list is the Pixie. Scarlett Johansson is found with a Pixie style, modifying every time whenever she walks the red carpet. Her razor made undercut pixie is just astonishing and adds to her intense appearance. It is one of the best hairstyle when outing with friends at summer pool or late night parties. It is such a magnificent hair style which girls put on to twinkle among friends and relatives.

The Pixie Style

3. Straight Cut

When sophistication speaks, nothing dare speaks in between. Straight cut is one sophisticated hairstyles among many which stands way ahead than it others when it comes to creating irresistible appeal. Dead and smoothened by the help of a hair Straightener, the straight hairs hardly fail to speak its language of style and conscience. Many a ladies are seen with a straight cut at special occasions like weddings, thanks giving, birthday parties and others.

Straight Cut

4. Bohemian

The short waves that are brushed after getting soft are called the Bohemian waves. A no fuss approach is to be put in practise to make the style look edgy and up to the mark. Just go and join the party with the short beach Bohemian waves and find yourself standing way ahead of others in style, class and glamour. Even braids sometimes give you more dashing appearance along with faux shave.


5. Lob

In the journey from short hairs to long, dark and thick hairs the mid phase in which the hairs are not too long or not too short, has now merited to be named a hairstyle called the lob cut. Deep side swept lob are currently in trend in girls who are destined to grow their hair longer than they are at present. If you make your hair lob style and plan and hang-out with friends, then is thick possibility that you are the centre of attraction among your friend circle.


Many famous faces are working their way out with above mentioned hairstyles and are incorporating few chosen styles to articulate their signature styles which style-inspires other people who look forward to try something new. The above mentioned hairstyles are totally trendy these days. You can also accessorize them to have a unique look.

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