5 Stylish Ribbon Tattoo Designs

Tattoo makers always look for interesting sources to get ideas for new and interesting tattoo designs. As women of modern time prefer different kinds of tattoos, tattoo makers are trying to bring tattoo designs on market that are more women oriented. One of such women oriented tattoo desisns  is ribbon tattoo. Ribbon tattoo has become extremely popular among tattoo lovers these days.

Meaning Of Ribbon Tattoo

Ribbon is a kind of cloth or other shiny material with a knot which women used to wear regularly with their dresses in big parties or gathering in medieval or early modern day parties. This ribbon was some kind of fashion accessories for ladies of upper class. Now a days women seldom wear ribbon with dresses or hats. Instead gifts packs are wrapped with shiny ribbons. Some women sometimes though use ribbon like thread around thigh. In this regard a ribbon tattoo on body stands for a statement for fashion, something that is bright and shiny, color in life, gift, hope for something better and valuable, love, affection, good health. A ribbon tattoo can be done almost anywhere on body. Favorite places are back, shoulder, neck, arm, thigh, leg, ankle, wrist.

Here Are 5 Stylish Ribbon Tattoo Designs For Tattoo Lovers

1. Simple Ribbon Tattoo In Black Ink

Though ribbon is a shiny colorful thing still some tattoo lovers prefer ribbon tattoo in simple black ink. Such designs are very common in tattoo market. All a tattoo lover is to do is to choose the place or size of the tattoo.

Simple Ribbon Tattoo In Black Ink

2. Red Ribbon Tattoo Designs

Colorful ribbon tattoos are very common in tattoo market also. The most common color that is seen is red. Women tattoo lovers prefer red ribbon tattoos. If a woman who has an attractive back does a red ribbon tattoo on back it can make her look really gorgeous.

Red Ribbon Tattoo Designs

3. Cancer Ribbon Tattoos

Fight cancer message is symbolized around the world with a simple single twist red ribbon. There are several tattoo designs with slight variations are found in the market that follow this message. This is a very good ribbon tattoo to have on body.

Cancer Ribbon Tattoos

4. Ribbon With Wings Tattoo Designs

Wings tattoo is very popular among women tattoo lovers. Wing or wings stands for living freely without bondage like bird in sky. That is why like other women oriented tattoos ribbon tattoo has designs that show ribbon with feathery wings on both sides.

Ribbon With Wings Tattoo Designs

5. Ribbon With Scissor Tattoos

Some interesting tattoo designs show ribbon with scissor or scissor cutting a ribbon. This is hinting towards gift being unwrapped after receiving. It stands for great anticipation for good thing.

Ribbon With Scissor Tattoos

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