5 Stylish Eye Makeup Ideas For Women With Small Eyes

There are many women who have small eyes and always think that their eyes are not beautiful and no makeup look good as the eyes are small. This is actually a misconception and completely untrue as you can make your small eyes look beautiful with make up. A good make up emphasizes your small eyes and make you look really beautiful. You can try out different ways like use a colorful eyeliner, apply a good mascara, or beautify the eyelashes so that it makes your small eyes look beautiful. There various amazing and stylish eye make up ideas for women with small eyes that you can try out to look beautiful.

Below Are 5 Amazing And Stylish Eye Makeup Ideas For Women With Small Eyes

1. Beautify The Eyelashes

If you are having small eyes then you can beautify and enhance the eyes by beautifying the eyelashes. Beautify the eyelashes by applying nice makeup so that your small eyes look bigger and prettier. First apply a single coat of makeup on the lashes and after this apply a second coat, focusing on the middle of the eyelid as that will make your eyes look larger. Do not put too much make up as that can make you look clumsy as well.

Beautify The Eyelashes

2. Eyelid Contouring

Contouring the eyelids is another amazing and stunning make up idea that you can try out to enhance your small eyes. Contouring the eyelids help you to give a nice illusion to the eyes and makes it look beautiful. First contour the inner corners of the eyelids and leave the sides of your nose so that the eyes do not close completely. This is an amazing idea to make your eyes look really beautiful.

Eyelid Contouring

3. Smoky Eye Makeup

Smoky eye makeup is another very cool and stunning makeup idea to beautify your small eyes. All women with small eyes look gorgeous with smoky eye makeup especially if they are going out for parties. To create nice and beautiful smoky eyes apply a flattering eyeliner and then use a sandy-beige color eye shadow to the inner corner of the eyes and then use a black eye shadow to the outer corner to give a smoky effect. At the end apply a coat of mascara so that it makes you small eyes look really attractive. This is a stunning makeup idea for small eyes.

Smoky Eye Makeup

4. Apply A Nice Eye Shadow

Applying a nice coloured eye shadow is another stunning makeup idea that ideal for women who are having small eyes. In eye makeup apply light colours so that it emphasizes and sharpens and highlights your facial features. To beautify your small eyes apply light shade of eyeliner instead of black. Then apply the eye shadow nicely so that it enhances your small eyes. This is a simple yet stunning make up idea for small eyes.

Apply A Nice Eye Shadow

5. Groomed Eyebrows

Nice and shapely groomed eyebrows is also ideal for enhancing and beautifying small eyes. Grooming your eyebrows nicely is the most important makeup tip that you need to follow in order to beautify your eyes.  Pluck the hair from and around the brows so that it provides a good shape and make you look tidy. Once this is done apply a good eyeliner and a mascara so that it enhances the small eyes and makes one look really attractive.

Groomed Eyebrows

These are in brief 5 Amazing And Stylish Eye Makeup Ideas For Women With Small Eyes

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