5 Stunning Snake Skin Nail Art Designs


Manicure with patterns, prints and texture are the most happening trend these days. Especially, animal prints have become quite popular and snakeskin prints are girls’ favorite. If you haven’t tried this fashion until now, then here are a few stunning snakeskin nail designs that will inspire you. Go through to know how to do it yourself.

Here Are The 5 Snake Skin Nail Art Designs:

1. Blue Snakeskin Freehand Design

To create this chic and sexy nail design, apply a base coat first. Create rows of diamond shapes using light blue paint. With a stripper brush, make scales using dark blue paint along the edges of the diamonds. Draw some extra scales inside the diamonds and smaller scales in the empty spaces as well. Complete your nail art with a top coat.


2. Paillettes Snakeskin Nails

Clean the nails and apply a layer of black polish to start with. Pick the diamond shaped nail paillettes of your choice and start placing them on the wet polish starting from the center of the nails. Fill the nails with the paillettes to form a clear snakeskin pattern. Once you are done, finish the manicure with a top coat.


3. Metallic Snakeskin Nail Wraps

Spread a nice silvery polish over the nails. Pick a metallic, say silvery snakeskin nail foil and cut it as per your requirement. Apply a thin layer of nail foil adhesive on the nails and dry it. Place the foil over the nails and press it well using a toothpick. Peel off the foil slowly, so that the print falls on the nails. Seal the print using a sealer or base coat finally.


4. Snakeskin Nail Using Mesh

Cut the mesh into the required size and shape and keep it aside. Apply a base color over the nails. Once it dries, apply a coat of sculpting gel and place the mesh over the wet gel. Leave it for 40 seconds and then slowly pull out the mesh, so that you will get a mesh design over the gel. Let it dry for 2 minutes. Smooth out stickiness using sanitizer and apply a color gel similar to the base color over.


5. Orange Gold Snake Nail Design

Apply a coat of bright orange color over cleaned nails. Leave it to cure for 2 minutes. Dip a toothpick in a golden colored paint and start drawing a cross-mesh pattern on one side of the middle finger and pinkie nails. Fill the ring finger and thumb nails completely with the mesh pattern leaving the forefinger plain.  This combination and pattern will look amazing.


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