5 Stunning Lace Nail Art Designs

Want to express femininity and elegance even in the nail designs you wear? Then go for a lace design. There cannot be anything more classy and charming than a lace nail art. These designs add a discrete charm to your look that will draw everyone’s attention. Eager to know how to do it, here are five fantastic designs.

Below Are The Lace Nail Art Designs:

1. Classy Blue And Black

Apply nude nail paint as base coat and then start applying a light blue color diagonally over the base coat once it dries up. Using a toothpick, do a beautiful lace design over the blue paint. Simple arches and dots are enough to bring up a wonderful lace design.

Classy Blue And Black

2. Lace Nail Stickers

Lace nail stickers are a simple way to put on the lace design on your nails. The lace stickers can be fixed to the nails similar to the plain nail stickers, but the variation is that they come in long strips so that you can cut them according to your need. They come in various colors and patterns. You can apply a nail paint of your choice first and stick the lace sticker over it once the paint dries up or simply use the sticker over the base coat, both will look gorgeous.


3. Lace, Flowers And Beads

First apply the nail paint of your choice over the nails and once it dries, make stripes using black paint over the first coat on the ring finger and draw floral patterns over the same nails with white and black highlights. Do a freehand lace design on the index finger and stick silver or golden nail beads bordering the lace design. Coat the tips of the pinkie with black and leave the rest of the nails plain. You nails will look dazzling with a fresh manicure.


4. Classic Golden And White Lace

Gold and white is such a classic combo that will make your nails rich, dreamy and stunning. Polish your nails with a metallic golden color first. Keep the color a bit subtle for more impressive nails. Once it dries up, make a lace design using white paint at the crown of the nails. Unlock your creativity while doing the lace design to make it look unique.


5. White Glitters With Black Lace

White nails with a silver glittery polish top coat are always elegant and stylish. To create this design, first apply a base coat. Coat the upper half of nails with a white glittery polish or a white coat followed by a silver glitter over it. Once the polish dries, draw an intricate lace design at the middle section of the nails using black and finish with a top coat.


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