5 Stunning Britney Spears Tattoo Designs For Tattoo Lovers

Britney Spears Tattoo Designs

Fashion conscious men or women have a tendency to follow fashion statements of their favorite celebrities. These celebrities can come from any corner of life. They can be film stars, stage actors, singers etc. Britney Spears is such a celebrity singer who has millions of fans around the world who follow her fashion statements particularly tattoos.

Britney spears or Britney Jean Spears is called Princess of pop. She started her career as an actor in stage in US. Later in 1997 her first singing album was released. She came into limelight with albums like Baby one more time and Oops… I did it again! Though in later years she faced some turmoil in private life still her career as an artist has almost remained stable. Britney had received many major awards including Grammy for her talent. Presently she is doing charitable works for children and AIDS affected people also. Britney Spears has an attractive look for which she has assumed a fashion icon status too. As told earlier she has or had (celebrities sometimes remove tattoos they have) several tattoos all around her body. A tattoo lover can follow the tattoos she has or once had.

Here Are 5 Stunning Britney Spears Tattoo (with Meanings) Designs For Tattoo Lover:

Fairy Tattoo On Britney Spears’ Lower Back

Britney had a fairy tattoo on her lower back. Fashion experts say that it was one of her early tattoos. Fairy tattoo is a very popular tattoo designs among women. Fairy tattoo mainly stands for magic. Besides it carries meanings like living freely, youth and beauty too.

Fairy tattoo on Britney Spears' lower back

Star Tattoo On Britney’s Side Of The Neck

Star tattoo in the form of single star or cluster of stars is favorite tattoo designs for celebrities. A star is a thing that glitters in dark night sky. It shows light in the darkness. For this reason people have star tattoos in body. Britney had three stars tattooed on the side of her neck.

Star tattoo on Britney's side of the neck

Flower Tattoo On Britney Spears’ Foot

Like fairy flower tattoo is also a favorite tattoo for women. Women like beauty and fragrance of flower. There are hundreds of flower tattoos that can be found in the tattoo market. Britney Spears had one such flower tattoo on one of her feet. The specialty of the tattoo was it had a vine with flower.

Flower tattoo on Britney Spears' foot

Hebrew Tattoo On Britney’s Back Of Neck

Tattoo lovers particularly celebrities have liking for ancient cultural tattoos. Hebrew tattoo is one of such ancient cultural tattoos. The Hebrew language is considered the language of god. That is why there are several words or phrases in Hebrew language in tattoo form that are found in the market.. Britney had such a tattoo on the back of her neck. It meant Healing.

Hebrew tattoo on Britney's back of neck

Dice Tattoo On Britney Spears’ Arm

The life is a game of dice. People who believe this and have faith in fortune, luck etc like to do dice tattoo in body. Britney spears had such a dice tattoo on one of her arms near the wrist. The tattoo showed two dices together. Britney did this when she married Kevin Federline.

Dice tattoo on Britney Spears' arm

So you are a fan of Britney Spears. Like to have tattoos following her. Kindly choose from the list given here.

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