5 Strong Rhinoceros Tattoo Designs For Tattoo Lovers

Animal tattoos are very popular among tattoo loving people. Among animals, tattoos which show  carnivores are always in high demand. Big carnivores like lion, tiger etc are strong, agile. But men who are a bit soft at heart and women like herbivore animal tattoos. But there are a few herbivores which are strong as well. Rhinoceros is such an animal. Rhinoceros tattoos are very popular too.

Meaning Of Rhinoceros Tattoo

Rhinoceros is a herbivore which has a tough armor like skin, a sharp horn on its nose. African rhino has two horns and bigger in size than Asian rhino. With such physical properties though a rhinoceros is extremely bad looking but people like to have rhino tattoo on body because the creature is extremely tough.

A rhinoceros is not a ferocious animal. It likes to live alone. But if it is agitated then there is nothing more dangerous on earth than an agitated charging rhinoceros. Rhinoceros is an endangered animal. These creatures are being hunted illegally for the horns around the world. A rhino tattoo on body stands for strength, physical power and might, living in seclusion, preservation of wild animals.

A rhinoceros tattoo can be done in places like arms, shoulder, chest, back, thigh, leg.

Here Are 5 Strong Rhinoceros Tattoo Designs For Tattoo Lovers

1. Full Figure Simple Rhinoceros Tattoo Designs

A simple full figure rhinoceros, no style, no complexity is available in tattoo market for tattoo lovers who like to do simple tattoos on body. The designs show a rhino either from front or from side.

Full Figure Simple Rhinoceros Tattoo Designs

2. Rhinoceros Head Tattoos

Not full figure rhinoceros but just the head with horn or horns tattoos are available aplenty in market. The tattoo lover has to choose the size, design and place.

Rhinoceros Head Tattoos

3. Rhino With Flower Tattoo Designs

Tattoos which are made specially for women sometimes have flower or flowers with the generic image. Women love flower and its beauty. In this regard there are some interesting rhinoceros tattoos that have a rhino image with flower or flowers.

Rhino With Flower Tattoo Designs

4. Tribal Rhinoceros Tattoos

Tattoo lovers have weakness for tribal designs. That is why every generic tattoo has a tribal design of its own. There are attractive rhinoceros tattoos available which are designed in ornamental tribal art. Full figure as well as head of rhino are available to have on body.

Tribal Rhinoceros Tattoos

5. Triceratops Tattoo Designs

Triceratops was a herbivore dinosaur with three horns that resembles modern rhinoceros. Triceratops had a horn on edge of its nose too. There are interesting and varied triceratops tattoos available for tattoo lovers who like to have a prehistoric rhinoceros tattoo on body.

Triceratops Tattoo Designs

So you want to have a rhinoceros tattoo on your body, kindly choose from the list given here.

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