5 Striking Ship Tattoo Designs

Tattoos are becoming favorite fashion accessories to both men and women now a days. For this reason tattoo makers are looking for interesting designs regularly. Things from the past or things which were severely in use in ancient as well as medieval time even in early modern age are providing great sources for tattoo designs. Ship is such a thing. There are plenty of ship tattoos available in tattoo market. It is very popular among men and women.

Meaning Of A Ship Tattoo

Ship was one of the main means of transportation in ancient, medieval and early modern age. With the invention, evolution and popularity of airplane ship gradually lost its significance. But it can’t be denied that ship has a long and very rich history. Some great empires of the world colonized far places only depending upon ship. Ship is a symbol of adventure at sea. Each and every nation of the world had ship of their own. Even pirates of sea had their ship. Ship tattoos are made following all these elements. A ship. A ship tattoo on body means everything connected with historic past, classic elements, voyage, adventure at sea, taking risk in life. For some women ship tattoo stands for just beauty. A ship tattoo can be made in places like shoulder or upper arm. side of the body, chest, belly, back and in thigh in small size.

Here Are 5 Striking Ship Tattoo Designs

1. Simple Ship With Mast Tattoo

A simple old fashioned ship with multiple mast is a favorite tattoo designs available aplenty in market. A tattoo lover has to choose the right design, place and size of the tattoo.

Simple Ship With Mast Tattoo

2. Viking Ship Tattoo Designs

Vikings were valiant warriors who had a distinct looking ship with a single big mast. The front hull of Viking ship was shaped like mouth of a serpent or dragon. Viking ship tattoos are very popular among tattoo lovers.

Viking Ship Tattoo Designs

3. Ship With Anchor Tattoo

Anchor is the thing that binds a ship to sea bed and gives it stability. For this reason tattoo lovers prefer to do ship with anchor tattoo on body. It gives a sense of stability in life too. Sometimes women tattoo lovers like to have small flower in the design also.

Ship With Anchor Tattoo

4. Squid Attacking Ship Tattoo Designs

Old sailors of sea had amazing legends among them. One was ships being attacked by giant squid with tentacles. There are woodcut representation or ancients drawings available which depict such tale. Some tattoo lovers prefer this design specially on back.

Squid Attacking Ship Tattoo Designs

5. Ship With Skull Tattoo

Skull tattoos are very popular in tattoo market. There are some designs that have a big or small human skull with the image of a ship. Though looks interesting but as skull represents negative side of life, a tattoo lover who wants to have a ship design for positive purpose should think before having this on body.

Ship With Skull Tattoo

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