5 Striking Japanese Tattoo Designs For Girls

Are you planning to get a tattoo done? Getting the first tattoo is one task where you need to think hard before getting it done. How about getting a Japanese tattoo done? These days Japanese tattoo designs are so much in. You find a lot of women getting a Japanese script written or getting a dragon or Koi Fish. There is no doubt that Japanese tattoos look really classy, colorful and pretty. We have listed the 5 Striking Japanese Tattoo Designs for Girls which will actually look really good. You will actually love the list a lot! Take a look and choose the best design.

Here Are The 5 Striking Japanese Tattoo Designs For Girls:

1. Japanese Koi Fish Tattoo

Now this is a very symbolic tattoo. The word Koi means Carp in Japanese. The Japanese people have used the Koi Fish design as a cultural symbol. It is to overcome adversity. There is a meaning behind it. The Koi Fish is very determined fish which known for climbing waterfalls which have really strong currents. If you are a person who is strong, determined and adventurous – you should get a Koi Fish tattoo done. You will have a tale to tell!

Japanese Koi Fish Tattoo

2. Sakura Tree Tattoo

Just in case you are wondering what sakura means – it is the word used for cherry blossom trees. It is symbolic and it means life. The Japanese people believe that the cherry blossom tree represents life and beauty. They feel life is beautiful but sadly, it is really short. If you are somebody who believes life is beautiful yet tragically short then you should get this tattoo done. It has such a beautiful and deep meaning.

Sakura Tree Tattoo

3. Japanese Dragon Tattoo

It is obvious that a dragon tattoo symbolizes strength and destruction. In most cultures, a dragon symbolizes destruction but they are also considered guardians. In Japanese culture, the dragon tattoo represents wisdom and strength. You can get a colorful dragon tattoo done on the back or even your waist. The dragon tattoo looks best on the back. A black dragon will look good but Japanese tattoos are known for the colors and so you should add some color to it. Make sure the dragon has fire coming out of the mouth. It looks really good

Japanese Dragon Tattoo

4. Japanese Flower Tattoo

The flower tattoos are really popular in Japanese culture. It is much appreciated in their culture. A flower tattoo represents femininity and the beauty of life. If you are trying to showcase you are vigorous and wild, a flower tattoo will not do the needful. The Japanese flower tattoos have a very watercolor effect and look very feminine. Get one done on the back or your wrist in a bright color like pink or red. It really will catch everyone’s attention.

 Japanese Flower Tattoo

5. Japanese Girl Tattoo

This one is a pretty tattoo! The Japanese girl on the back with a little hand fan is always a good option to go for. It covers most of your back but it looks really pretty. The ideal girl tattoo would be a Japanese girl wearing a kimono with flowers around her and a hand fan covering just a little of her face. We find it really attractive!

Japanese Girl Tattoo

Now you know about so many beautiful Japanese tattoo designs. They are colorful and so pretty. You could get a Japanese script done too. You could get your name written in Japanese on the wrist or your back. The script itself is really striking. So, choose the best design for you and flaunt it to the world. All the best!

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